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60 Seconds With… Chantal of ‘Nosegate’

Nosegate [Blog Image]

Meet Chantal, the provoking voice behind the show Nosegate. In our latest blog, we will know more about the story and what to expect from this lovely production. Briefly introduce yourself/your company… Chantal is an actor/writer and teacher. She double…

60 Seconds With… Untold Story of ‘String of Pearls’

String of Pearls [Blog Image]

Meet Lucky Fish Productions behind the timeless show String of Pearls. In our latest blog, we will know more about this beautiful show. Briefly introduce yourself/your company… Lucky Fish Productions, based in Nanaimo, British Columbia, produces original musical theatre. Writer…

On air with Regan Schrumm in Ep.6 of ‘All Things Fringey’

Neurotic Erotica [Podcast Graphic]

It’s Day 3 folks, and the Vancouver Fringe Festival is going absolutely gangbusters! In-between all the theatre excitement, we joined Regan Schrumm of Neurotic Erotica to unpack their deeply personal yet heartwarmingly humorous new comedy and the surprising spark that…