On the road with Phina in ‘All Things Fringey’

Ha Ha Da Vinci [Podcast Graphic Image]

Cory sat down with Fringe Artist and friend Phina who brings her beautiful show Ha Ha Da Vinci to the surroundings of Granville Island. In this edition of ‘All Things Fringey’, Phina talks about her relationship with her family, her…

On the road with Majid in ‘All Things Fringey’

Love at 752 [Podcast Graphic Image]

Sitting in the hot seat is the Fringe returning artist and the writer and director of Love at 752 Majid. From his origins and his journey of theatre, he shares the insights and emotions about this special production with Fringe…

60 Seconds With… Katherine of ‘Disclosure’

Disclosure [Blog Image]

Meet lovely Katherine, Disclosure. In our latest blog, we will learn more about her identity and what to expect from this play. Briefly introduce yourself/your company… I am a Jewish interdisciplinary artist and a graduate of Studio 58! In addition…

60 Seconds With… ‘How I Met My Mother’

How I Met My Mother [Blog Image]

We sat down with Jonathon to talk about his show How I Met My Mother. In our latest blog, we will find out more about his artistic journey and what to expect from this production with his vision. Briefly introduce…

60 Seconds With… Claire of ‘Halfway Through Stupid’

Half Way Through Stupid [Blog Image]

Meet the smart Claire from Half Way through Stupid. In our blog, we will learn more about this show. Briefly introduce yourself/your company… Miss Marie productions focuses on female centered stories that inspire and challenge our audiences. Founded by Claire…

60 Second With… Ira of ‘mr.coffeehead’

mr.coffeehead [Blog Image]

Meet our fringe Ira, mr. coffeehead. In our latest blog, we will find out all funny facts about this theatre and what to expect from this production. Briefly introduce yourself/your company…My name is ira and i am the writer and…