33 Festival Artists Picked In Our 2024 Lottery Draw

This just in! We are so pleased to announce the stellar list of artists selected to participate in our 40th anniversary Fringe Festival this coming September, 5-15th, 2024. Members of the Fringe team, our board, artists and Fringe friends gathered at the Arts Club BMO Theatre Centre Lobby to witness the live draw taking place.

This year’s Fringe Lottery has a total of 39 slots available. 33 of these acts were pulled at the live draw, with 6 of them previously drawn from other categories. These shows are:

  • Indigenized Indigenous Theatre – Josh Languedoc (BIPOC)  – Caff Touring Lottery Draw.
  • juicebox – Julia Ross (BIPOC)  – Caff Touring Lottery Draw.
  • Jon Bennett  – Caff Touring Lottery Draw.
  • Chuck Taylor Ballet, Troy McLaughlin – 2022 withdrawel due to Covid.
  • Ragamuffin Productions –  Ashley Chodat and Sargil Tongol – 2022 Fringe & Carousel Theatre Award Winner for  ‘Future Festival Performance’.
  • God’s a Drag – Jessica Lemes da Silva – New Play Prize Winner in collaboration with the Playwrights Theatre Centre. 

The Vancouver Fringe team will be reaching out to the artists who have been selected to confirm their spot. In the event that any spots become available, artists will be chosen in the order determined by the waitlist draw.

We’d like to extend a huge congratulations to all the artists who will be joining us this September!

The below line-up is subject to final artist confirmations. Many of these shows are works-in-progress and certain details may change as artists continue their development in the lead-up to our 2024 Festival. 

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Show Name  Artist/Company

A Smoke Behind The Rope

Sky Theatre Group

Alia Ceniza Rasul: Moro Girl

Superfilipina Inc.

Aurora Rupert

Aurora Rupert


Blue Jaye Productions

Brunch: A Comedy Show

Brunch Comedy

Chris and Pete vs The Monoculture

Chris and Pete

Despair in the dark room

Postttdata Productions

Fear of Photo Booths

Sweat Equity Productions

Full Metal Comedy

Full Metal Comedy

How to Catch a Karen

Naked Empire Bouffon Company

I Fear Love

Katie Voravong

I Miss the War Vancouver 2024

Incomplete Productions

Indigenous All Age Hip-Hop Performance by B The Wiz

B The Wiz

iuvenis show

iuvenis Productions

James Roque – Champorado

James Roque

Kim McVicar: Female Comedian

Kim McVicar

Lip Service: makes a band!

Pulsive Party

Memories of Solitude

Luna Creatives

My Mother Had Two Faces: Reflections on Beauty, Aging and Acceptance

Soaring Solo Studios

My toes striving till the tips of your fingers

Johanne Gour Danse

Qi-Pao & TOTALLY 80s

DS Belliveau & Kenneth Tynan


Have It Off Productions

Show Name TBD

Don’t Cross Chuck Productions

Thanks For Understanding

Lauren Alberico Productions

The Artists’ Revolution

Publius Productions

The Light Bringer

Light Bringer Productions

The Real Black Swann: Confessions of America’s First Black Drag Queen

Kurkendaal Barrett Presentations

They’re Naked, They’re Ugly and They Owe Us Money

Wet Ink Collective Productions



Woman #1 and #2

Roomie Productions

Woman of War

Leahy Ardon

YES!?! AND???

DCJ Productions

Young Widow

Splendiferous Theatre

Show NameCompany Name
1. Horseface
Alex Dallas Productions
Ragamuffin Company
3. The Wonder Lamp
Krambambuli Puppet Theatre
4. 43 and me
Anastasia Koutalianos
5. Rice – A Second Serving
Chromedome Productions
6. Sit for Me
Ariella Carmell
7. A Woman’s Guide to Peeing Outside
Holly M Brinkman
8. Integration
Jack Dawkins
9. Amabano y’inka
Ruciteme karyenda culture de buyenzi
10. Southern Gothic Novel
Razmus Productions
11. Curious Creations Fringe Project 2024
Curious Creations
12. Cardboard Boxes and Other ways to Travel
Ethan DeHoog
13. Ruby Rocket Returns!
Stacey Hallal
14. Saskatchewan Naval Disaster
Hellkitty Studios
15. Rosemary Morrison
Rosemary Morrison
16. If Only a Dream Productions
If Only a Dream Productions
17. West Moon Theatre
West Moon Theatre
18. Limbo is Closed: Confessions of a Reluctant Catholic Girl
Marabeth McSeveney
19. When Was the Last Time You Said Hello?
Rabbit From A Hat Theatre
20. The Murder of Thomas D’Arcy McGee
Spired Theatre

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