60 Seconds With… the Trailblazing Director of ‘Bruno & Hogginfritz’

Bruno & Hogginfritz [Blog Image]

Get to know Jade Walker, the creative brain behind the trailblazing Fringe circuit hit, Bruno & Hogginfritz. In our latest blog, we’re treated to a sneaky preview of what audiences can expect from the director’s latest psychological drama.

Briefly introduce yourself/your company…
We’re Figurehead Theatre Company, a theatre company that welcomes and encourages collaboration, the creation of new plays and submissions from artists of all backgrounds.

What is it that makes your work/company unique?
My work is very surreal and abstract. It’s also psychological, philosophical, metaphorical and deeply rooted in my own healing from trauma.

What kind of experience do you hope audiences will have during your show?
A unique, original, timeless experience.

Without spoilers, tell us what you think audiences will remember most about your show?
The magical furniture that come to life.

What do you think is the best thing about the Fringe?
That the Fringe gives all of the money earned from ticket sales directly back to the artists.

What is the most important thing you hope audiences will take away from your show?
That mentally ill people aren’t villains, we’re complex people who struggle and battle our own trauma, darkness and depression on a daily basis. We’re warriors.

Tickets for Bruno & Hogginfritz are on sale now, taking place at The NEST from 8 – 18 Sep. Book your spot today for just $15 per person!


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