60 Seconds With… the Creator of ‘Old God Vol 2’

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We sat down with Alec to talk about his show Old God Vol 2. In our latest blog, we will learn more about this comedy theatre.

Briefly introduce yourself/your company…
“Old God Vol 2” was created when two friends—Director Gabe McKinney and Old God actor Alec Jones-Trujillo—both found themselves living in Las Vegas and sharing the same role as the host character in the hit show “Absinthe” at Caesar’s Palace. With nothing to do in the daytime before shows, they began meeting twice a week to play around and explore comedic territories. They had similar comedic tastes and a shared language from working on Absinthe. McKinney would arrive to rehearsals with prompts, ideas and a vision. Jones-Trujillo would arrive with a desire to play hard and make McKinney laugh.

What is it that makes your work/company unique
Old God Vol 2 is very loose. No two shows are the same. It is intentionally structured to be a playground where the very big character of Old God can push, pull and play through the material.

Old God looks like he pranced his way out of the theater houses of the 1880s. The look and style are very compelling.

What kind of experience do you hope audiences will have during your show?
Audiences are dared to not look away or let their focus wander for even a minute during the show. The result is something of a catharsis when it is all over and audiences leave perhaps questioning their lives a little more.

Without spoilers, tell us what you think audiences will remember most about your show?
Somewhere between the classic look of the show, the pantomime, the story telling, and the high-stakes improvised verbal gymnastics the audience will no doubt sense that they’ve never seen a show like this in their life. Old God’s very voice may begin to be heard inside their heads for a few days after the show.

What do you think is the best thing about the Fringe?
Seeing so many exciting shows. Being around all the energy of shows ending and shows starting. Meeting people and talking about life. Getting inspired to live life a little deeper.

What is the most important thing you hope audiences will take away from your show?
We are human. Still. And it is beautiful.

Tickets for Old God Vol 2 are on sale now, taking place at Arts Umbrella from 8 – 18 Sep. Book your spot today for just $15 per person!


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