Welcome to the Volunteer Page!

The Vancouver Fringe Festival is looking forward to another exciting year of friendly faces, great theatre, and fun times with people like you, who make up our talented cast of volunteers! We foster an inclusive and diverse environment, so people from various backgrounds are welcome to join and take part in one of the best theatre festivals in town!

What is the Fringe?

The Vancouver Fringe is a celebration of Theatre for Everyone. The Fringe strives to break down traditional boundaries and encourage open dialogue between audiences and artists by presenting live un-juried, uncensored theatre in an accessible and informal environment.

Artists collect 100% of the base ticket price, so our volunteers are the lifeblood of the Vancouver Fringe Festival! Each year, Fringe volunteers take on a variety of roles from helping set up venues, to serving drinks at the Fringe Bar, selling tickets, ushering, and much more. We have a very small number of permanent staff, so the Fringe couldn’t exist without volunteers like you!

Thank you to all the amazing volunteers who helped us make the 2020 Fringe an absolute success!

Volunteering at the Fringe

Volunteer Application

Thank you for your interest in volunteering with us!

Volunteer information for the 2022 Festival will be shared here when available.

If you aren’t already signed up for our volunteer newsletter, click here to sign up! We share key volunteer information about the Fringe, as well as opportunities from other organizations!


If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us.


Fringe Volunteer Policies

Theatre for everyone: The Vancouver Fringe is a safe space for everyone who wishes to participate and take part in our wonderful community of volunteers, artists, patrons, and donors. We DO NOT tolerate harassment of any kind (including but not limited to: gender identity, race, immigration status, religion, different abilities, sexual orientation, etc). A harassment complaint will result (depending on its severity) in a reprimand and warning, or immediate termination of volunteers and/or staff.


Volunteer Commitment: All our volunteers are expected to show up to their shift on time, and to fulfill their role to the best of their ability in accordance to our Training Manuals and Volunteer Training guidelines, policies and procedures.

Volunteer Perks

Some of our volunteer perks include:

  • Rush admission to Fringe performances
  • Light snacks and refreshments on shift
  • An invitation to all Volunteer Appreciation events (2022 details TBD)
  • The chance to support the local theatre and arts community
  •  A fun, interactive volunteer experience!