my dad died and all i got was this show

Rachel Ruecker

this is part-stand-up comedy, part-solo-show, part-one-woman-show, part-romcom, part-walk-down-memory-lane-of-early-2000s-pop-culture. it’s also just about a girl. minus the just. i'm trying to self-deprecate less. it’s about a girl who’s trying to be a woman but still believes in magic and fairytales and love at first sight and is trying to figure out why sometimes things don’t work out even when it seemed like all the signs were there. it’s also about hockey and heartbreak and dads and i’m sorry that third thing didn’t start with an H. it turns out life is not as well written as the movies.
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Genre: Comedy, Thoughtful, Silly, Nostalgic, Story-telling, Stand Up
Duration: 60 mins
Price: $14
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Age Rating: 14A
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