Off the Tracks
Off the Tracks is a Granville Island original, providing the best of local talents, ingredients and culture. Our top priority is always quality and freshness; only the best locally roasted beans, and using organic and sustainable ingredients to create all of our dishes, including the most mouth-watering in-house jam, spreads and homemade baked goods. We want to showcase the best of our local community and what it has to offer. We believe that food is art. There is a refinement and a craft to perfecting a cup of coffee or enjoying a locally brewed craft beer. Good food and drink is not a product of industry, but artisanship. Here at Off the Tracks you will experience the very best of local artisans, from your coffee barista to the chef who prepares your handcrafted breakfast. This is a place to relax and enjoy a lazy day with a hot cup of tea and good book or experience the eclectic and vibrant Granville Island cultural scene over a stimulating cup of joe. We’re committed to providing great service, delicious food, and a memorable experience – located in one of Vancouver’s most beautiful nooks, with a charming garden patio and naturally lit loft seating, it would be hard not to Enjoy The Company.
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1363 Railspur Alley


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