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There’s Still More Fringe!

September 12, 2019

Final Chance to Fringe

You only have a few more days to enjoy the Festival with Artists and other Fringe fans! Photo by Monique Sello.

Make your weekend count by spending it with the Fringe! There’s only a few more days to see one or more Theatrically Delicious shows, rock out to amazing music at the Phillips Fringe Bar (while having a drink from Phillips Brewing, Wards Cider, wine from Road 13 Vineyards, or one of many Smashes from Georgian Bay Spirits Co.), attend workshops and other special events, and soak up the Fringe before it ends!

Get your Fringe on by buying your tickets online, at the Box Office, or at the venue 45 minutes before show time—if they’re not sold out, that is! And as you make the Festival part of your weekend plans, don’t forget to check the Fresh Sheet, which we’re now sharing on our Facebook page!

Artists’ Cabaret: You’ll be in the Dark

In 2018, there were beer-chugging vulvas at the Artists’ Cabaret. What will it be this year? Photo by Bruce McPherson.

Looking for a Fringey thing to do this Saturday night? Why not head down to Performance Works to watch Maldoror and Melmoth’s Cabaret of Bullshit, which starts at 11:00pm?

In case you’re wondering what the Cabaret is about, all we can tell you is that you’ll be in the dark. As we will be. That’s because the event is completely lit by flashlights (so remember to bring one from home, or buy one by donation at the door). This Artists’ Cabaret is what happens when you leave Fringe Artists to their own devices, and they come together to put on a show that’s unlike anything you’ve ever seen during the Festival. In other words, it’s an event where you can expect the unexpected!

Tickets for Maldoror and Melmoth’s Cabaret of Bullshit are available on the Fringe website for $10. Remember to buy your tickets today. This event always sells out and it’s the first time you can buy tickets in advance!

Celebrate the Fringe on Awards Night

Be the first to know the winners of the 2019 Public Market Pick of the Fringe! Photo by Shawn Major.

End your Fringe with a bang by celebrating the Festival at [Awards Night! Hosted by Abdul Aziz (Fake Ghost Tours 2: Journey to the Other Side (of Granville Island)) and Emma Cooper (Rape is Real and Everywhere), the Fringe Awards Night honours the Fringey-est of the Fringe by giving Artists further opportunities to hone their craft! We are happy to announce that once again, entrance to Awards Night is by cash donation, which will support the Performing Arts Lodges (PAL), which provides affordable housing to longstanding members of Vancouver’s performing arts professions.

Find out the winners for the Public Market Pick of the Fringe, which will have holdover performances from September 18-22 at Performance Works! We will also announce the winners of the Cultchivating the Fringe Award, which grants a show a run in The Cultch’s 2020/2021 season, the BC Touring Council Award, which offers mentorship and a showcase spot at Pacific Contact, and the Spirit of the Fringe Award, generously supported by Habibi’s!

Did you buy a raffle ticket? We’ll be drawing the winners for the Fringe Raffle, which includes prizes from Finisterra Travel, Wards Cider and The View Winery and Vineyard, and Quay Pacific Property Management!

Fringe Awards Night starts at 9:00pm on Sunday, September 15 at Performance Works. Fringe your heart out one last time for the Festival’s Theatrically Delicious treats!

Pick Plus Tickets On Sale Now!

Missed Rocko and Nakota: Tales from the Land at the 2018 Fringe? Don’t worry, Josh Languedoc will be bringing them back for Pick Plus! Photo by Bruce McPherson.

You know there are 101 shows at this year’s Festival, but in fact, there are 104… if you count the Pick Plus! Running concurrently with the Public Market Pick of the Fringe after the Festival itself, we’re hosting three more shows that only have one performance each! If you missed these shows at past Fringes, this is your chance.

Rocko and Nakota: Tales from the Land was hailed as “warm and unpretentious” by the Georgia Straight and “witty and openhearted” in Colin Thomas’s Fresh Sheet. In it, Nakota is working on a school project from his hospital bed when his grandfather comes to visit, whisking him away into the stories that are right below his feet. On Wednesday, September 18 at 7:00pm.

Mooney on Theatre says, “I guarantee you with every fibre of my body that Flute Loops is an incredible show.” Who knew that quantum physics and music blended together so perfectly? Flute Loops uses sampling and musical improvisation to tell the story of a merch girl/PhD student in this rock opera. On Thursday, September 19 at 7:00pm.

The Ballad of Frank Allen made a splash at the 2016 Vancouver Fringe with the Georgia Straight saying, “Jackpot! … Hilarious. Insanely original.” When we heard that Weeping Spoon Productions was coming to Vancouver with Zack Adams: Love Songs for Future Girl and that they were touring with The Ballad of Frank Allen, we just could not resist asking for one more night. In it, a workplace accident shrinks one man down and he ends up living in another man’s beard. This buddy-comedy is bound to make you laugh out loud. On Thursday, September 19 at 8:45pm.

To add to the fun, if you buy tickets to all three (or to at least three shows as part of the Theatre Wire Package), you’ll save 20% on your tickets! Read more about what’s on offer via Theatre Wire here, and stay tuned to our website for the Public Market Pick of the Fringe announcement (coming during Awards Night this Sunday, September 15), and keep the Fringe going year-round!

Six Days Left!

September 10, 2019

Extra! Extra! Read All the Reviews!

Catch reviews of Fringe shows at The Georgia Straight and other outlets! Photo by Neil Bryan.

Not sure what to see? We know the Fringe = overwhelming choice. Need some help? Reviews can help!

The Georgia Straight has put together a Festival Guide that includes preview articles and reviews. They even sent critic Andrea Warner to the Victoria Fringe to review shows that were also coming to Vancouver!

Vancouver Presents is a great supporter of the Fringe! Not only did they run their annual #FringeDuJour preview series in the month leading up to the Festival, but they’re posting reviews daily. Check out all their Fringe coverage here.

Theatre critic Colin Thomas’s Fresh Sheet can be delivered to your inbox with daily reviews or you can visit his blog to check out his reviews.

Jo Ledingham, known for her reviews in the Vancouver Courier, has been posting about the shows she’s seeing on her website here.

Two Cents & Two Pence has also been busy reviewing shows.

More reviews are coming out and we’ll be sharing them on Twitter, so follow along. Otherwise, just get out there! The best thing about the Fringe is that there’s something for everyone and with ticket prices being as low as a movie and shows averaging at just one hour, your chances of finding a show you like are good.

Last Chance to Buy Raffle Tickets

Buy your raffle tickets from any of these well-dressed people! Photo by Al Ricard.

There’s only a few days left to win one (or more!) of these amazing prizes at the Fringe Raffle: a week-long Cuban adventure for two courtesy of Finisterra Travel, a weekend getaway to The View Winery and Vineyard in Kelowna, and an Instant Camera Prize Pack courtesy of Quay Pacific Property Management LTD and a Kick Ass Pass to the 2020 Fringe! Get your tickets before 9:00pm on September 15 to be entered to win, so don’t delay!

Visit the Raffle Tent next to the Fringe Box Office at 1398 Cartwright Street, the Phillips Fringe Bar, or say hi to one of the lovely Raffle Ticket sellers you see around the Festival! Tickets are one for $10 and three for $20. We’re holding the Raffle Draw on Sunday, September 15 at 10:00pm at Awards Night at Performance Works at 1218 Cartwright Street. You don’t have to be present to win—we’ll contact you if your ticket is drawn!

Read the Fringe Raffle’s rules and regulations here.



Tickets may be only sold and purchased in British Columbia.
Ticket purchasers must be 19 years of age or older. If a winning ticket bears a minor’s name, the prize will be lawfully delivered on behalf of the minor parent, legal guardian, or trustee.
Prizes have no equivalent cash value.

Phillips Fringe Bar Feature: Rae Spoon Opens Doors with Mental Health

An unequivocal vehicle to the light side of the dark

Rae Spoon will be back at the Phillips Fringe Bar on Thursday, September 12! Photo by Philip Dovey.

It’s no secret that the Phillips Fringe Bar showcases some of Vancouver’s best music for the duration of the Festival. Once again, the Fringe is proud to partner with BeatRoute Magazine, Western Canada’s indie arts and entertainment monthly, to learn more about one of the amazing performers gracing the Phillips Fringe Bar Stage. Here’s a feature from BeatRoute’s Dayna Mahannah about award-winning musician Rae Spoon, who will be hitting the stage on Thursday, September 12!

Rae Spoon is not one to take the easy way out. With a past occupied by depression, anxiety, and CPTSD, the Calgary-born musician marches tirelessly towards life’s lighter offerings. In their 10th full-length album, Mental Health, Spoon leans into the tough stuff with an unflinching frankness and a vital sense of hope—here, light and dark coexist.

“I really like when people go for it in their art,” Spoon, who goes by they/them pronouns, says over the phone with BeatRoute from their home in Victoria. Their manner of speaking lacks frivolousness. “I think it’s really brave to not be ambiguous about what your writing is actually about.”

Inspired by personal experiences, Mental Health achieves the incredible feat of making painful subject matter approachable. “If I start with a serious topic at all, I try to be more pop about it.” Suffering through childhood abuse, oppression as a trans/non-binary person, and the loss of friends to suicide had adverse effects to their mental wellness, but creating music has been Spoon’s cornerstone for coping. “Belonging to a community like LGBTQ—they … have a lot more oppression that causes stress and mental health conditions. Or aggravates it,” they share gently. “I thought it would be nice to talk about those things. To be more open about it. That was kind of the idea.” Spoon balances gravity with hope, to soothing effect.

Other coping mechanisms are less popular concepts. “I don’t really keep in touch with anyone in my family,” the artist admits. “When things are unhealthy, it’s actually sometimes healthier to just take a lot of distance from people.” A laugh tumbles through the phone. “There’s a big stigma about that—not communicating with anybody from your family you’re born into. I actually think it helps me stay grounded and happy.”

Still, they credit human connection as a source of healing from anguish. “You need to have people around you that respect your identity and see you for who you are,” Spoon states wisely. Which may be why they recorded Mental Health—released by Spoon’s own record label, Coax Records—in the laid-back atmosphere of the Noise Floor studio on beautiful Gabriola Island, and collaborated with several artists, all who were female or non-binary (including Vancouver’s Maya Miller and Becky Black of The Pack A.D.). “I’ve been trying to work my whole life to be in more healthy relationships with people than I started out with.”

Mental Health is out now and available at coaxrecords.com. Rae Spoon performs on September 12 at the Phillips Fringe Bar (Vancouver). For more info, visit raespoon.com

Catch Rae Spoon and other amazing performers at the Phillips Fringe Bar, located at Ocean Art Works! Check out the full Fringe Bar lineup here. The Bar is all ages too, so Fringers young and old can play jenga, dance, meet other Fringers, and sip on a Phillips beer (if you’re 19+!)

While the Phillips Fringe Bar is open from 6:00pm till late on weekdays, did you know that it’s open from 1:00pm till late on Saturday and Sunday? This means that you can have a taste of Fringe all day on the weekends! In fact, this coming Saturday, September 14, Gary Chalk and the Kits Point All-Stars will jump on stage at 2:00pm to perform some Blues-Rock numbers for Fringers in attendance! See you there!