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Some Things to Know Before It’s Time to Go

September 16, 2016

Our website is back up and running!!!!

Thank you so much for your patience and for help spreading the word about tickets still being available. You are truly an amazing bunch! If you have any trouble you can try clearing your cache, but you should be good to go!

www.vancouverfringe.com, back and better than ever.

Where Did the Time Go???

The Fringe in its full glory!

The Fringe in its full glory! Photo by Sunny Kim.

And just like that, we only have four more days until the 2016 Vancouver Fringe Festival comes to a close. But that doesn’t mean that we’re going to be slowing down before we cross the finish line! We’ve still got plenty more Fringeyness lined up for you, including additional food trucks at Oceans Artwork, exceptional music on the Barefoot Wine & Bubbly Stage at the Big Rock Brewery Fringe Bar, special events for artists and patrons, and, of course, the final Fringe shows!

Buy tickets online or at the Box Office and watch all the shows you want to see before it’s too late! You can also take a more risky approach and get to a venue within 45 minutes of a show to get tickets at the door. Either way, take in all the Fringe goodness that you can so that you will be sustained until it returns next year!

Even More Fringe Bar Madness!

Nothing but good things at the Fringe Bar. Photo by Mike Vlasman

Nothing but good things at the Fringe Bar. Photo by Mike Vlasman.

Every night of the Fringe we bring you a music festival within a theatre festival on the Barefoot Wine & Bubbly Stage at the Big Rock Brewery Fringe Bar! This is the best and easiest way to get a taste of just how talented and diverse Vancouver’s music scene is. Our Online Music Partner, BeatRoute Magazine, knows all about our city’s music scene and Senior Editor, Maya-Roisin Slater, has put together a preview of what to expect at the Fringe Bar over the next few days:

The last edition of the Vancouver Fringe Newsletter is here to provide some important intel on the carefully curated and extraordinarily wonderful artists who will be lending their talents to this year’s Fringe Bar. Our final week’s summary is jam packed with genres, ranging from Jazz to ‘80s dance hits. With a little something in store for everyone, grab your big jazz boys and your disco dancers and even your nutty Aunt Delilah and bring them down to Granville Island. There under the twinkling lights, with a beer from Big Rock in one hand, and Aunt Delilah’s puppy painted acrylic nails scratching up the other, release your inhibitions and dance the night away!
On September 15 folk-rock singer Sky Wallace will be taking the stage. A performer whose songs are both delicate and edgy, Wallace brings a smoky and mysterious finish to an otherwise driving genre. September 16 we’re really bringing the groove in full force. The night will start off with the Rossi Gang, a group of east van jazz players adding their flavour to all the classics. Next up is Los Duendes, a latin psych fusion band that will have you cha cha-ing in ways you never thought were possible.
September 17 will bring you back to your alternative roots, as you drift away with contemporary folk musicians The Nautical Miles. With honest and personal songs The Nautical Miles are sure to strike a chord. And once you’ve had a chance to f-e-e-l on the 17, you can scoot your boot right into our last night of programming with the Apres Skii DJs on September 18. This is the Fringe Festival’s best kept secret, two staff members undercover as world class DJs. Playing ‘80s party hits all night long the Apres Skii DJs are ready to give you the grande finale you’ve been looking for. So go over your high school mixtapes and throw on some neon to celebrate the end of another great year at the Fringe Bar. We will be back next year with more amazing local talent to tell you about, so turn your email alerts on and keep your eyes peeled. Bye for now!

The before and after artwork from I Have My Own Step Mom which is currently playing at The Firehall Arts Centre!

The before and after artwork from I Have My Own Step Mom which is currently playing at The Firehall Arts Centre!

Off-Island Love

When you think “Fringe,” you may think “Granville Island,” and that’s great. However, the Fringe is all across Vancouver and you should definitely take some time to explore those off-Island venues.

The Firehall Arts Centre, a Fringe venue going back as far as the 1990s, is currently the venue for several shows including I Have My Own Steps Mom and 2 For Tea! Meanwhile, venues on and near Commercial Drive, like the Cultch (currently playing Falling Awake), theRio Theatre (the venue for Beverly Elliot’s Sink or Swim), the Portuguese Club of Vancouver(the venue for FESTA!), and Havana (currently playing The Women of Lockerbie) harken back to our days of being “Alive on the Drive.” In fact, when the Fringe was centered on Commercial Drive, our office was upstairs from Havana!

To find out more about the shows at off-Island venues, check out our Program Guide, where shows are sorted by venue.

Our lovely Director of Patron Development, Robyn Kurtz, loves the app so much she’s taking selfies with it!

Our lovely Director of Patron Development, Robyn Kurtz, loves the app so much she’s taking selfies with it!

Fringe and Theatre Wire App Ready!

Better late than never… the Fringe and Theatre Wire App is finally ready! Don’t have a program guide handy? The App can be your guide! You can look up show times, read show descriptions, and even buy your tickets through the App!

Year round, the App will also help you to stay on top of the shows that are part of the Theatre Wire subscription!

Find the App by searching for Vancouver Fringe or Theatre Wire in iTunes or Google Play (or wherever you get your apps from) and remember to turn on notifications so you can stay up to date with schedule changes!!

Photo by Clayton Wong.

And the Fringe Award Goes To…

Get ready for the annual Fringe Awards Night! Hosted by Give It Up’s Morgan Brayton, Awards Night will be continuing its tradition of rewarding the Fringe’s stand-out artists by offering them opportunities to grow as artists. Everyone is welcome and tickets are by donation! The proceeds will be given to Performing Arts Lodges (PAL), a company that provides veterans of Vancouver’s performing arts industry with affordable housing.

We will also be announcing the winners of the Public Market Pick of the Fringe at the award show! The Pick of the Fringe acts will have holdover performances from September 21 to 25 as a reward for their popularity amongst patrons and critical acclaim.

Other awards, include the Cultchivating the Fringe Award, which grants the winner a run in the Cultch’s season next year, the BC Touring Council Award, which offers mentorship and a showcase spot at Pacific Contact, the Georgia Straight Critic’s Choice Award, and, of course, the Volunteer Choice Award, will also be announced!

If you bought a raffle ticket, or entered our #FringeBrewmaster contest be sure to join us at the Fringe Awards Night because we will be announcing the winners of the raffle prizes from G Adventures, Motorino, and the Fringe—and our 2017 Fringe Brewmaster!

The show starts at 9:30 on September 18 (the last day of the Fringe) and will be held at Performance Works! Bring your donation and prepare to have loads of fun!

Cabaret: The Talent Show with Actual Talent!

The marvelous spectacle of the Cabaret!

The marvelous spectacle of the Cabaret!

So, we would love to tell all of you what is going to happen at the Cabaret, but the fact of the matter is that we have no idea. That’s because this show is being completely put together by the Fringe Artists, and all anyone can to do is show up for the world premier with no preview whatsoever.

We do, however, know a few things surrounding the event, such as the show’s title: Haldeman and Erlichman’s Cabaret of Bullshit. The other thing we can tell you is that the show will be lit completely by flashlights, and you can join in on the lighting! You can bring one from home, or flashlights will be sold by donation so that everyone in the audience can participate in the Cabaret’s wonderful spectacle.

Note: The time of the Cabaret has been changed to Saturday, September 17 at 11:00pm. Tickets will only be sold at the door.

Even More Reviews!

We know the Fringe is a whirlwind of shows and sometimes the choices are just overwhelming! Good thing there are plenty of reviews out there. Check these sources out to help you make a decision:

The Georgia Straight sends their reviewers, Colin Thomas and Kathleen Oliver, to check out the Fringe in Victoria so they can get a head start with reviewing shows that will also be in the Vancouver Fringe. They also have a handy schedule on their site! Check out their reviews, feature articles, and other Fringe news, including videos from the Georgia Straight Fringe-for-All, info on “the city’s most vibrant musical hotspot,” and 33 (and counting) capsule reviews of Festival shows!

Plank Magazine is back on board with the goal to review every single show in the Festival! Meanwhile Vancouver Presents’ reviews have started rolling in in addition to their daily feature #FringeDuJour, which featured a Fringe show per day since August 8!

And there are plenty of other reviews out there too, including Vancouver Weekly, Review Vancouver, and The Vancouver Courier‘s Jo Ledingham reviewing for the paper and adding more to her website.

And did you get Vancouver Observer’s newsletter today? It was all Fringe reviews!

Keep your eyes out for more reviews cropping up via these sources and more! And don’t forget to stop by the Buzz Boards, sponsored by Thunderbolt Sign, on Granville Island where you can write your own reviews and see what everyone else has to say about shows too!

The Fringe is Up and Running!

September 12, 2016

Recap of an Incredible Fringe-For-All!

Left to Right: I Have My Own Steps Mom, Ze! Queer as Fuck, I Forgot to Fly Today, Curious Contagious, Trump The Musical. Photo by Mike Vlasman.

We promised you an entertaining and fast-paced event at the Georgia Straight Fringe-For-All, and the 40 Fringe Artists who performed did not disappoint.

We have to give a special shout-out David C. Jones for his incredible hosting of the event with his charming presence, witty remarks, and never-ending costume changes keeping the audience alert for the entire two hour show. His job, of course was made easier, by the great performances that the Fringe-For-All artists put forth. Because of their very engaging showcases, the Fringe-For-All proved to be the best way to get a sense of the variety of styles and genres that the Fringe has to offer. Here are some of the most memorable quotes from that night:

“It’s not as cussy as it sounds and it’s deeper than you think” -Cameryn Moore, Nerdfucker

“I intend to have children one day, and outlive them.” – Steve Larkin, Fat Sex

“I’m not enough, I’m not enough, I’m not enough, I’m not enough, I’m not enough, I’m not enough, I’m not enough” -Megan Phillips and a loop pedal, Not Enough

Take a scroll through our Twitter feed and you’ll find the live-tweets of all 40 shows from the Fringe-For-All, plus some tweets on David C. Jones’ crazy antics!

But don’t forget that these were only previews! Both the Fringe and the Fringe Artists have plenty more to offer, so be sure to buy tickets and get your full Fringe experience!

More Fringe Bar Madness!

Fringers enjoying the new Fringe Bar location at Ocean Art Works. Photo by Dakota Shelby.

Every night of the Fringe we bring you a music festival within a theatre festival on the Barefoot Wine & Bubbly Stage at the Big Rock Brewery Fringe Bar! This is the best and easiest way to get a taste of just how talented and diverse Vancouver’s music scene is. Our Online Music Partner, BeatRoute Magazine, knows all about our city’s music scene and Senior Editor, Maya-Roisin Slater, has put together a preview of what to expect at the Fringe Bar over the next few days:

Our second week’s summary is jam packed with activities, ranging from choreographed dancing to completely un-choreographed singing. With a little something in store for everyone, grab your extremely coordinated friends and your extremely shameless friends and even your hermit Cousin Stan! Bring them down to Granville Island, there under the twinkling lights, with a beer from Big Rock Brewery in one hand, and Cousin Stan’s shaking fist in the other, release your inhibitions and dance the night away!

If reruns of Little House on the Prairie aired on CBC at obscure times always filled your heart with a deep longing for a quaint country lifestyle, then clear your calendar for September 12. On this particular evening the Fringe Bar will be handed over to Paul Silveria, sometimes known as Square Dance Paul, for an evening of old American Couple’s Dancing. That cowboy hat that’s been sitting in the closet for years? Looks like it finally has its moment to shine.

Do-si-doing right onto September 13, we’re keeping the participatory fun going with Weekend Leisure Karaoke. The hours of your life spent belting pop songs in the shower were leading up to this moment. One mic, one backing track, one teleprompter, and an evening full of chances to prove you can sing Alanis Morissette’s “Thank You” as well, if not better than the original.

After a few days of being in the Fringe Bar spotlight we’re going to take the performance anxiety off your shoulders by providing another great evening of live music on September 14. One of the acts featured will be Jody Glenham and the Dreamers. Mixing 1960s pop with 2016 shoegaze and there you have Jody Glenham. The title says it all, they’re dreamers, they’re dreamy. Turn your email alerts on and keep your eyes peeled for next week’s edition of Fringe Bar intel. Goodbye for now!

Check out the full lineup of bands and DJs at the Big Rock Brewery Fringe Bar here —and don’t forget, the Bar is in a new location this year, at Ocean Art Works on Granville Island, just outside Ocean Concrete.

Make Your Own Beer For The Fringe Bar!

We could be serving your beer creation at next year’s Big Rock Brewery Fringe Bar if you enter our contest! Photo by Sunny Kim.

This year the Big Rock Brewery Fringe Bar is kicking! It’s big, beautiful, filled with people and music , and of course… beer! Speaking of beer—the Fringe and Big Rock are giving one person the chance to win the title of Fringe Brewmaster! You’ll work with Big Rock before the 2017 Festival to create a unique Fringe beer that will be served at the 2017 Big Rock Brewery Fringe Bar!

Entering to win is simple! Earn ballots by following Big Rock and Vancouver Fringe, as well as posting things like “a beer ingredient” using our hashtag #FringeBrewmaster! Check out our Facebook event page or the webpage for full details on what to post and how to win!

It Won’t be Boa-ring…..

Board Night at the Bar

There’s a foosball table at the new Fringe Bar! Maybe the Boards will have a little tournament with each other? Photo by Dakota Shelby.

On Monday, September 12, starting at 7:00pm, the Board of Directors behind the Vancouver Fringe Festival will hold their 3rd annual networking night at the Big Rock Brewery Fringe Bar—and you’re invited!

Do you sit on a performing arts non-profit board? Ever thought about joining a board of directors? Or are you just curious about what boards actually do? Come out and meet the Fringe Board and the Boards of many of Vancouver’s performing arts companies!

After the meet and greet, stay and enjoy The Fourth Annual Fringe Square Dance with Paul Silveria!
The Big Rock Brewery Fringe Bar is now located at Ocean Art Works, 1531 Johnston Street on Granville Island. See you on Monday September 12!

Your Fringe for a Day

Elaine and Russ own a day of the Fringe and they were featured on CBC for being such huge Fringe fans!

Elaine and Russ own a day of the Fringe and they were featured on the CBC for being such huge Fringe fans!

Have you heard of Your Fringe for a Day? We’ve already celebrated Mission of Care Day, Diane’s Day, Russ & Elaine Day, Ken’s Happy Birthday Day, and today is Dale Raven North Day!

If you haven’t heard, Your Fringe for a Day is a fundraising program where people (or groups!) spend $1,000 and “buy” their very own day at the Fringe! We celebrate them and their reasons for giving all day long!

Coming up on September 17 is Your Friends in Black Day! Who are “Your Friends in Black” you ask? They are a group of fantastic Fringe technicians! Lukas McCormick, a long time Fringe tech, had the idea to buy a day with his cohorts. This is what Lukas said about why he wanted a tech day at the Fringe:

“September is a highlight for all of us. We look forward to the Fringe all year, and when it finally rolls around, some of the best memories are formed. It only seems logical to do our best to support where we can in return.”

Heidi Quicke is one of the techs who jumped on board and made a donation. When asked why she gives to a Festival that she also works for, she said “I’ve been involved with the Fringe Festival over the past eight years as a volunteer, venue technician, stage manager, and audience member! To me the Fringe Festival is all about what becomes possible when people come together for a common purpose. The relationships between performers, Festival staff, technicians, and volunteers are what make Fringe special. The diversity of the people involved mirrors the diversity we see onstage. Technicians do their jobs well, but they are hidden, so this day is a reminder to glance up at the booth and give a nod to our friends in black.”

Click here to find out more about our awesome, amazing, fantastic Your Fringe for a Day donors, to learn about becoming a day owner next year, and to see whose days are coming up!

Women Taking the Stage: Advance Theatre

Show image from The Long Call, which is on Wednesday at 1:30pm at the False Creek Gym.

Ruby Slippers Theatre, the Fringe, and Equity in Theatre are joining forces to present Advance Theatre: New Works by Women. From September 12-16, five new plays by female-identifying playwrights will receive public readings in an exciting collaboration between some of Vancouver’s finest theatre artists—all made accessible to audiences through pay-what-you-can matinees at the False Creek Gym on Granville Island.

These plays (curated by Ruby Slippers Theatre) include:

  • Aiming to Float by Janet Hinton and directed by Laura McLean, where an uncooperative patient and her exercise therapist, faced with crises of physical and emotional pain, discover the possibility of love;
  • Zahgidiwin/Love by Frances Koncan and directed by Christine Quintana, a story of a young Anishinaabe woman who embarks upon a journey through time and space to rediscover the truth about growing up as fabulously as possible amidst the intergenerational trauma of cultural genocide;
  • Jenn Griffin’s The Long Call which tells a tale of a former exotic dancer whose life dream is to free captive orangutans into the wild, is directed by Heidi Taylor;
  • Anywhere But Here, a darkly comic, magic realist play that centres around the quest for home by playwright Carmen Aguirre and directed by Anita Rochon; and
  • Women of Papiyek, the story of three Indigenous women who lived in Papiyek at the turn of the 20th century by Quelemia Sparrow and directed by Kim Harvey.

Tickets are available at the door only (at the False Creek Gym) and are pay-what-you-can with a suggested price of $5 to $10. For a full schedule, click here.

The Young Voices of Generation Hot

Show image from Amber.

Amber is part of Generation Hot’s Program A, and its set 30 years in the future.

With the guidance of The Only Animal’s co-founder, Eric Rhys Miller, and mia susan amir of The Story We Be, the nine young artists behind the Generation Hot program have courageously created Fringe shows that will educate their audience on the climate crisis, provide solutions, and/or express their reaction to the issue. Be sure not to miss the message they want to share at their site-specific location, the Anderson Street Parking Lot. The shows are split into three “Programs” with two-three separate shows within each. Read on for details:

Program A: Disposable Generation (Written & Directed by: Madelyn Osborne), Amber (Director & Playwright: Krys Yuan), Umizoko (Director: Julia Siedlanowska; Playwright: Kanon Hewitt)

Program B: Living On The Grid (Writer: Olivia Etey; Director: Jonathan Greenway), Saving Mother (Lead Artist: Crystal Smith), Apocalypse Parade (Lead Artist: June Fukumura & Keely O’Brien)

Program CThe Lilacs That Come A Month Early Are Still So Beautiful (Lead Artist: Ariel Martz-Oberlanders), Cosmic Justice (Created by: Nelson Ellis & Howard Dai; Produced by: Two Gents of New West)

Thanks to the RBC Emerging Artist Project for help in funding the program, as well as the BC Arts Council, the City of Vancouver, the TELUS Community Board, and the Province of British Columbia.

More info on the shows, and tickets are available here—and tickets are just $12 per program!

Reminder: Get Your Raffle Tickets!

Last year's winners in Peru!

Susan Freedman won the Raffle last year, and she took her husband, Bill Galloway with her to Peru! Will you win this year? Buy a ticket and you never know…

Raffle tickets are still available around the Festival! Anyone, including volunteers, patrons, and artists, can purchase tickets and enter to win the grand prize, a nine-day trip to Peru from G Adventures, second place prize, an XMb Electric Scooter from Motorino, or watch as many Fringe shows as you want for free next year with third place prize, a Kick Ass Pass for two to the 2017 Vancouver Fringe Festival.

The Raffle is a fundraising initiative that supports the Festival and its artists. With every ticket, you’ll only improve your chances of winning as you support the Fringe.

Tickets are available at the Raffle Tent (by the Fringe Box Office), the Big Rock Brewery Fringe Bar, and around the Festival. Winners will be drawn at Fringe Awards Night on Sunday, September 18 (doors at 9:30pm) at Performance Works (you do not have to be present—we’ll be in touch if you win!). Good luck!

For all Raffle rules and regulations, click here.