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Something Old, Something New

May 18, 2018

Fringe Season Begins!

This year, five shows will begin their Fringe circuit in Orlando and end in Vancouver! Clockwise, from top left: Forget Me Not: The Alzheimer’s Whodunnit., Red Bastard: Lie With Me, Magical Mystery Detour, Banned in the USA, and Al Lafrance: I Think I’m Dead.

This year, five shows will begin their Fringe circuit in Orlando and end in Vancouver! Clockwise, from top left: Forget Me Not: The Alzheimer’s Whodunnit, Red Bastard: Lie With Me, Magical Mystery Detour, Banned in the USA, and Al Lafrance: I Think I’m Dead.

The Fringe is here! Well, not yet in Vancouver, but with the Orlando Fringe well underway, this means that Fringe season is upon us. From Charlottetown to Nanaimo, there is no shortage of Fringe Festivals across the continent. Many of these festivals belong to the Canadian Association of Fringe Festivals, which also includes American festivals. Every year, many Fringe artists tour the circuit, performing in multiple cities in the U.S. and Canada. From Orlando, five shows will be making their way through various festivals before coming to Vancouver this September: Al Lafrance: I Think I’m Dead, Magical Mystery Detour, Banned in the USA, Red Bastard: Lie With Me, and Forget Me Not: The Alzheimer’s Whodunnit.

Travelling this summer? Maybe you’re close to a Fringe! Check out the list of all the Fringes here.

And whether you get to check out a Fringe while on holiday or not, you can read reviews of Fringe shows making their way through North America. Vancouver is one of the last Fringes on the circuit, so we’ll be sharing reviews of shows coming to Vancouver through our Facebook page and on our Twitter feed! Happy Fringing!

There’s No I in Team, But There Might Be A You

Jimmy welcomes our new staff! From left to right: Karla, Jess, Rosemarie, and Nina.

Jimmy welcomes our new staff! From left to right: Karla, Jess, Rosemarie, and Nina.

Our team is blooming with new Fringers! We’re happy to welcome new and familiar faces: Karla Comanda, Nina Dosdall, Rosemarie Gresham, and Jess Amy Shead! Plus, we’re still hiring.

If you love volunteers and want to kick-off your Vancouver Fringe experience this summer, apply to be a Volunteer Team Leader! These high-level volunteers assist in recruiting, scheduling, training, and supervising over 500 Festival volunteers. To apply, email your resume and cover letter by Friday, June 29.

Karla is the newest addition to our team as our Communications and Outreach Coordinator. She comes to us from Ricepaper Magazine, where she’s their Fiction Editor. She is also a poet, translator, and playwright—her play Medium was part of the 2017 Brave New Play Rites Festival. She looks forward to seeing the groundbreaking works coming to this year’s Festival and meeting the artists behind the fantastic shows!

Nina returns as our Assistant Volunteer Coordinator after holding the position in 2016 and volunteering last year. When she’s not in the office, she channels her energies into creative projects such as collaborating for a show dealing with issues about anxiety. She also performed in an immersive show called A Game of You, with approximately 200 performances for one individual at a time! She is excited to see new and old faces, adding, “I’m always excited to see the many volunteers who come out—it makes for a wicked party.”

Rosemarie was our Lead Designer in 2015 and since her last stint with the Fringe, she’s worked as a User Experience Designer at SAP and was the Designer and Communications Assistant at the Mackin House Museum in Coquitlam. She’s enthusiastic about discovering new shows at this year’s Fringe!

You may recognize Jess Amy Shead, returning for the fifth time as our Artist Services Coordinator. Jess is thrilled about the new staff: “I’m excited to switch things up and for a new start. Who knows what this new group of people can make happen?” You can catch her at this year’s rEvolver Festival, where she’ll be performing The Somewhere Cedar in a closet!

The Theatre Scene

Just a taste of what Vancouver has to offer in the way of Theatre!

rEvolver Festival
May 23-June 3
The Cultch
Upintheair Theatre’s annual theatre festival is just around the corner! Check out the groundbreaking show Geologic Formations, which responds to the contemporary rise of fascism by pushing the boundaries of Disability/Crip-theatre. If you want to see familiar faces, check out Fringe alumni shows 12 Minute Madness and Distractingly Sexy, which were part of the 2017 Fringe. Or see our long-time Artist Services Coordinator Jess Amy Shead’s free show The Somewhere Cedar, where she’ll be performing in a closet! And if you missed Kitt & Jane: An Interactive Survival Guide to the Near-Post-Apocalyptic Future at the 2013 Fringe, now’s your chance. Use the promo code SALMON to get 20% off your tickets to their opening night, May 30! There are lots of shows at rEvolver! See the whole lineup here.

Yvette Dudley-Neuman's Titillations is the centrepiece for this year's SHIFT Festival 11. Photo by Kathryn Mussallem.

Yvette Dudley-Neuman’s Titillations is the centrepiece for this year’s SHIFT Festival 11. Photo by Kathryn Mussallem.

SHIFT Festival 11
May 31-June 2
CBC Studio 700
SHIFT Festival 11 puts the spotlight on 2016 Fringe alumna Yvette Dudley-Neuman’s Titillations, a provocative and profound exposé on the female breast. Performed from a powerful female perspective, this body-positive show about boobs is accompanied by a festival workshop, panel discussion, festival marketplace, and more. Featuring the musical stylings of the all-female live band The Land of Deborah and musical arrangements by Peter Abando, Titillations also features 2018 Fringe artist Sara Vickruck and former Fringe Box Office Manager Emily Henney.

<3 Theatre. <3 Volunteers. <3 Staff.

April 14, 2018

Jimmy (centre) welcomes Chelsey (left) and Samantha (right) to the Fringe team.

Jimmy (centre) welcomes Chelsey (left) and Samantha (right) to the Fringe team.

New Fringers!

The Fringe’s team is changing! We’ve been hiring and we’re happy to welcome our new Managing Director, Samantha Kannegieter, and our new Sponsorship Manager, Chelsey Stuyt!

Samantha comes to us via the Vancouver Folk Festival where she was their Operations Manager. She still holds the Folk Fest in her heart and you’ll be able to find her down on Jericho Beach July 13-15 rocking a volunteer t-shirt. She’s excited to be part of the Fringe and can’t wait to meet all our volunteers, artists, audience members, donors, and supporters (aka, all of you) and celebrate all things Fringe this September!

Chelsey is a familiar Fringe face. You may have seen her as the Assistant Bar Manager last year, or on stage with her show The Secret, or a few years ago when she was our Raffle Coordinator and Distribution Coordinator. In her most recent role outside the Fringe, Chelsey led science shows for kids at Science World. She fed chameleons, troubleshot tesla coils, and lit gummy bears on fire—all in the name of science! Chelsey is also looking forward to the Fringe people. She says, “the people who work here are only one-half of the family. The best part is waiting for the rest to arrive during the Festival.”

We’d also like to say farewell to Chelsee Damen, our Acting Managing Director this past year as well as our Box Office Manager the year before. Chelsee has now moved on (although not too far), joining the Vancouver Writer’s Festival, who are in the office right next to the Fringe!

And finally, you’re invited to apply to be part of our team! We’re currently hiring a Communications & Outreach Coordinator (application deadline is Wednesday, April 18) and we’ve kicked off hiring our seasonal staff, including our Lead Designer. Most positions will be posted over the next few weeks, so be sure to check out our job postings here. And don’t forget, everyone can be part of the Fringe family! We start recruiting volunteers in June!

Happy Belated World Theatre Day!

World Theatre Day was on March 27, 2018 and while we’re a little late to the party, we still want to celebrate theatre! The best way to celebrate theatre is to go to the theatre, and with coupon code THEATRE, you’ll save 20% on tickets to Stephanie Morin-Robert’s Blindside, on April 26-28!

Save 20% on tickets to Blindside with coupon code THEATRE to celebrate World Theatre Day! Photo by Thaddeus Hink.

Save 20% on tickets to Blindside with coupon code THEATRE to celebrate World Theatre Day! Photo by Thaddeus Hink.

As part of World Theatre Day, the International Theatre Institute (ITI) selects a playwright to compose a message about the benefits of theatre. This year, to celebrate the 70th anniversary of the International Theatre Institute, and to highlight the cross-cultural and international aspect of theatre, the ITI have selected five authors to write a message—one from each of the five UNESCO Regions. Read all of this year’s messages here.

A couple highlights from the messages include Lebanon’s Maya Zbib, who says theatre is “a moment of communion, an unrepeatable encounter, not found in any other secular activity. It’s the simple act of a group of people choosing to come together in the same place at the same time to take part in a shared experience”

Meanwhile Mexico’s Sabina Berman, says “More than literature, more than cinema, the theatre—which demands the presence of human beings before other human beings—is marvelously suited to the task of saving us from becoming algorithms, pure abstractions.”

Save yourself from becoming an abstraction! Go see some theatre! And don’t forget to use coupon code THEATRE when booking your tickets to Blindside!

National Volunteer Appreciation Week!

This year’s National Volunteer Appreciation Week theme is: “Celebrate the Value of Volunteering—building confidence, competence, connections, and community.” Volunteers hold a special place in the Fringe’s heart. It’s absolutely true that without 500 people donating thousands of hours, the Festival simply would not happen. So thank you, thank you, thank you to everyone who volunteers to make the Festival run smoothly! And a special shout out to volunteers who have been helping Theatre Wire! These volunteers sell tickets and work as ushers in support of independent theatre year round. Thank you!

We ask our volunteers why they donate time to the Fringe. Many point to gaining work experience, improving English language skills, and to the perks. But the overwhelming reason people volunteer for the Fringe is to support arts and culture and to have the opportunity to meet people and grow their social circles! We’re so happy that the Fringe and Theatre Wire help you find friends and we hope you continue volunteering with us. (We start recruiting in June!)


The Fringe also wants to send out a special thank you to the businesses that support the Fringe’s volunteer program. A big thanks to Boston Pizza and Earnest Ice Cream, as well as to the many organizations who donate prizes and snacks. And an extra special thank you to Shear Comfort! Shear Comfort specializes in custom truck and car seat covers, but they love the Fringe and support our volunteer program with their partnership!

Thanks for supporting the Fringe and happy National Volunteer Appreciation Week!

The Theatre Scene

Just a taste of what Vancouver has to offer in the way of Theatre!

April 26-28
Studio 1398
This award-winning physical comedy is Stéphanie Morin-Robert’s personal account of navigating childhood with a glass eye, the bullies and friends that shaped her experiences, and how the feat of overcoming and embracing disadvantage has made her the woman she is today. Use coupon code THEATRE to save 20% on your tickets!

James & Jamesy In The Dark
April 27
Revue Stage
Fringe alumni James & Jamesy bring their “painting come to life” back to Vancouver for one night only!

May 1-5
Havana Theatre
What happens when we become a cashless society? Is it a potential path to absolute dictatorship? Richard Sandborn grapples with this possibility in the debut show from Publius Productions and playwright Nathan Narusis.

Vancouver International Children’s Festival
May 28 – June 3
Various Venues
Introduce the kids in your life to theatre! Get them while they’re young, right?! Check out New Owner, an innovative blend of animation, live performance, and puppetry to create an exceptional look into life through a dog’s eyes. Check out the video here. Buy tickets. And check out all the shows that are part of the Festival here.