60 Seconds With… Dearest ‘Wendy, My Darling’

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Meet April Wish, the brilliant and sensational artist of Wendy, My Darling. In our latest blog, we will find out all about this innovative musical and what to expect from this production.

Briefly introduce yourself/your company…
Krysia Plonka (Emmy-winning Executive Producer and Director), Tammy Glover (musician and television producer), April Wish (solo theatre artist and full time mom) and Mahsa Zargaran (audiovisual artist): Four women living in four different professional, personal and artistic experiences have come together to create a multimedia, multidiscipline Indie Rock Musical that will have you laughing out loud and humming the songs for days. This not-so-solo show is a companion piece to Tammy Glover’s first solo rock album of the same name (to be released in 2023) and features special recorded appearances by well known actors as well as beautifully crafted lyric videos. Live on stage, April Wish is playing Wendy Darling, from Peter Pan… all grown up. Her life is turned upside down when a video she accidentally recorded goes viral.

What is it that makes your work/company unique
“Wendy, My Darling” is a playful exploration of storytelling and fairytales, presented in a face-paced, fresh way. Taking on important themes of identity and creative authenticity, we turn the classic story of Peter Pan on its head and take a loving and innovative look at “the girl that grew up,” Wendy Darling. The show is supported by an original indie rock soundtrack that sparkles with wit and pop hooks and a book that will have audiences laughing at every turn. In bringing together a production crew and cast from so many disciplines and life experiences, we are presenting a truly original piece that we believe to be both timely and timeless.

What kind of experience do you hope audiences will have during your show?
We hope to both entertain and inspire. This is a story, ultimately, about living your truth in a world of social media, zoom calls and ever-changing gender dynamics and it is our goal to continue these conversations going after curtain call.

Without spoilers, tell us what you think audiences will remember most about your show?
We hope that they remember the thrill of reexamining a character we have all grown comfortable in relegating to “supporting cast” as she takes center stage. It is also our expectation that the music will have audiences humming along well after the show is over.

What do you think is the best thing about the Fringe?
At the start of this collaboration, Tammy Glover set a clear goal for us: to make cool things with cool people in cool places. It’s an opportunity for us all to get out of Los Angeles and broaden the show – and our own – creative worlds!

What is the most important thing you hope audiences will take away from your show?
April Wish says, “This show has already been a journey of self discovery: challenging my ideas of what it means to “grow up” (grow older) and speak with my authentic voice. I hope that the audiences will be able to expand their thinking in the same way.”

Tickets for Wendy, My Darling are on sale now, taking place at Arts Umbrella from 8 – 18 Sep. Book your spot today for just $15 per person!


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