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Tick Tock! 2015 Fringe is Coming

November 19, 2014

You’re Invited to the Fringe Lottery Party!

What are these spoons up to? Mind of a Snail's performance at the Lottery Party will let you in on the secret!

What are these spoons up to? Mind of a Snail’s performance at the Lottery Party will let you in on the secret!

Be among the first to know which artists will be part of the 2015 Vancouver Fringe Festival! We will be drawing names out of a hat to select next year’s Mainstage Artists on Wednesday, December 3 at the ANZA Club. You thought we were just making up the randomness of Fringe shows year after year? No, we really do draw shows out of a hat. Really!

On top of drawing the shows, we’ll eat gummie worms, give each other high fives, have high school style slow dances, and other such silliness as we play a weird version of bingo—and you may even win a prize from DOXA Festival!

After the Lottery, shadow puppet masters, Mind of a Snail will perform Inside Outlet, a show of objects. There’ll be toothbrush on hairbrush violence, a gelato spoon ghost, and spray bottles who are the gatekeepers to a mystical face. This 35-minute show is certainly quirky, and Mind of a Snail promises it will leave audiences with a warm, contemplative energy.

Stick around after the performance and dance with us as DJs Warbin (aka Wade & Corbin) play everyone’s favourite songs—you will not be able to stop yourself from shakin’ your groove thang.


Where: The ANZA Club, 3 West 8th Ave (upstairs)
When: Wednesday, December 3 starting at 8:00pm
Cost: The Lottery Party is free, but donations to Mind of a Snail will be accepted via pass the hat
Dress: Whatever you like—with a hat!

Can’t make the party, but still want to know which artists are getting in? We’ll be live tweeting that night!

More Chances to Be a Fringe Artist!

The Dramatic Works Series is Back & Last Chance to Apply for a Mainstage Spot


So you want to put on a Fringe show… well you can!

Betty Lambert's The Good of the Sun was performed by Good Theatre as part of the Dramatic Works Series in 2014. Will your favourite dramatic work be part of the Series in 2015? Photo by Kurtis Stewart.

Betty Lambert’s The Good of the Sun was performed by Good Theatre as part of the Dramatic Works Series in 2014. Will your favourite dramatic work be part of the Series in 2015? Photo by Kurtis Stewart.

The application deadline for the Mainstage Category closes on Wednesday, November 26. Mainstage artists get their venue, technician, and schedule included as part of their fees, as well as Box Office support and inclusion in Festival marketing. Click through for all the information on what’s included and how to apply—but make sure you apply by Nov. 26!

We’re happy to announce that the Dramatic Works Series will be back for a second year thanks to the generous support of Lochmaddy Foundation. Artists in the Dramatic Works Series are selected on a first come, first served basis, but they must meet the criteria, including producing a published dramatic script with two or more actors in the show (no one-man shows). Applications open today, so get on it! In addition to getting a venue, technician, schedule, Box Office support, and inclusion in Festival marketing, Dramatic Works Series artists will be mentored by a local director (last year, it was Scott Bellis). Check here for full details on how the Dramatic Works Series works and to apply.

In January, the Bring Your Own Venue (BYOV) category—which includes site-specific shows—will open. Artists hoping to apply as a BYOV can find information here and here. More information will be shared soon!

There might be gender parity at the Fringe, but in more professional theatre, it's not the case. Photo by Clayton Wong.

There might be gender parity at the Fringe, but in more professional theatre, it’s not the case. Photo by Clayton Wong.

More Women Playwrights at the Fringe

There are lots of women artists and playwrights at the Fringe—in fact almost 62% of applicants to the 2014 Festival were women—but this is far from the norm. According to a national study, women account for only 33% of artistic directors, 34% of working directors, and 27% of produced playwrights. When Ruby Slippers Theatre heard this, they partnered with the Fringe and with Equity in Theatre to begin a new project: Advance Theatre: New Works By Women.

The Advance Series will showcase dramatic readings of five new plays by Canadian women playwrights during the 2015 Vancouver Fringe Festival—and they’re accepting submissions now till February 15!

If you have a script, submit it to Ruby Slippers by February 15 for consideration. Click here for more details on the submission process. We’ll announce the chosen plays in June!

On the Day of the Dead

Every year, the Fringe brings together a haphazard group of people: artists who are trying something new, who want to tell personal stories, who create something magical on stage; volunteers who not only work their 20 hours, but offer to stay and help; audience members who see two shows or 30 shows; and everyone in between. So many of these people come back year after year that the Fringe has been described as summer camp. It’s a gathering space for old and new friends as much as it is a theatre festival.

Day of the Dead 2014

The Fringe wants to bring all these people together more often—through events like our year-round series The Fringe Presents and the upcoming Lottery Party. On November 2, the Mexican Day of the Dead, we held another such event.

For a second year in a row, Fringers gathered at Los Cuervos Taqueria y Cantina. Over tacos, margaritas, and churros, we all took some time to get to know each other a little better. We recalled Fringes past and imagined future Fringes, and shared our hope that the community the Fringe creates will always exist.

As the evening unfolded, Fringe Executive Director, David Jordan, got up on a chair to welcome everyone. He reminded us that the Day of the Dead is meant to honour those who have passed. He then shared the story of his uncle Charlie, whose funeral he attended this past year. David’s memories of Charlie are those of a child—he remembered Charlie teasing a pet bird by moving a toothpick back and forth across his mouth as the bird kept trying to grab it. Charlie was a joker. By the end of his life, Charlie was in an assisted living home. While David thought at first that this was sad, he learned at Charlie’s funeral that Charlie was well-known and appreciated—he and his roommates had created a community within the home, one that, for Charlie, was filled with the art he loved, that a friend had painted and given to Charlie. Far from being alone, Charlie had been surrounded by a community he’d helped create—showing David that Charlie’s impact had been more than he imagined.

For many of us, that’s exactly what we want: to have our own community, especially one filled with art. It’s a big part of what the Fringe tries to create, and the promise of such a community far into the future, a Fringe Forever, was what we got to celebrate that chilly November night.

2015 is closer than you think!

December 31 is just around the corner! Don’t forget that your donation to the Fringe will get you a 2014 tax receipt and it’ll help create an amazing 2015 Festival with plenty of opportunities for performing artists. Thanks, in advance! Donate now, before it’s too late for your 2014 taxes!

Sponsor Spotlight: Shear Comfort

Shear Comfort supported the Fringe Volunteer Program in 2014--and here are just a few of the Fringe's volunteers! Photo by Clayton Wong.

Shear Comfort supported the Fringe Volunteer Program in 2014–and here are just a few of the Fringe’s volunteers! Photo by Clayton Wong.

Volunteers are a supremely important part of making sure the Fringe Festival runs smoothly—they sell tickets, tend bar, do data entry, and tons of other jobs that Festival staff simply would not be able to do without them. Shear Comfort knows the importance of volunteers to the Festival, so in 2014, they joined the Fringe to support our volunteer program. Here’s what they have to say about working with us:

In one sentence, tell us what your organization/business is or does.
We provide customers with completely customized car seat covers in a wide variety of styles and colours.

Tell us why your organization supports the Fringe and/or the arts.
We love the work that the Fringe puts into the events and we love attending the events even more!

What do you like about the Fringe?
We love the variety of different performances and acts, both the tame and the bizarre. Great entertainment!

If your organization and the Fringe were people, what would they do on an afternoon together? 
Probably take a ride in a car with nice neoprene seat covers while listening to the soundtrack from Star Wars.

What other charities does your organization support?
The SPCA is another charity we are proud to support.

Do you have any recommendations for audiences on what to do at the Fringe? If so, what?
Being Star Wars fans, the upcoming One-Man Star Wars Trilogy sounds amazing.

Cocky Naked Fringe Artists

October 27, 2014

Six Artists Who Will Be Part of the 2015 Festival!

You may be under the impression that we get to take a little break between Festivals, but boy are you wrong! We are already prepping for the 2015 Festival and first up are the winners of the CAFF Touring Lottery!

Artists who want to tour their show on the Fringe circuit are encouraged to apply to the CAFF Touring Lottery. Each winner chooses a minimum on five Fringe Festivals they want to be a part of. The applications have been drawn and now we know there’ll be six artists coming to the 2015 Festival! Without further adieu, they are:

Usually Jon Bennett pretends things are cocks, but here, he's pretending to be a cock. He'll be at the 2015 Fringe, possibly with this Pretending Things Are A Cock, or another show.

Usually Jon Bennett pretends things are cocks, but here, he’s pretending to be a cock. He’ll be at the 2015 Fringe, possibly with Pretending Things Are A Cock, or another show.

1. 2hoots Productions
Best known to Vancouver Fringers for 2010’s Pretending Things Are a Cock, Jon Bennett will be back, but which show will he do? My Dad’s Deaths? Fire in the Meth Lab? Or will we be in store for more cocks?

2. Dance Naked Productions
“Dedicated to celebrating and unlocking the erotic imagination,” Dance Naked Productions’ shows explore sexual desire in many forms, from GGG: Dominatrix for Dummies to Lust & Marriage (which is structured as letters to esteemed sex columnist, Dan Savage).

3. Windy Wynazz 
Expect to interact with clown Windy Wynazz as she explores the need for human touch (while wearing sequins).

4. Wired on Words Productions
Documenting the best of spoken word, Wired on Words host a monthly cabaret show in Montreal—and now they’re taking it on the road!

5. Sam Mullins
He folds tinfoil into dinosaurs and doesn’t necessarily title his shows, and Vancouver (and the whole Fringe circuit) loves storyteller Sam Mullins! We’re excited to see him at a Mainstage venue this year.

6. Mike Delamont 
Looks like God’s coming back! Can you say “Holy Trinity?”

Be a Fringe Artist!

Yes, you can be! Applications for the Mainstage Lottery open on October 29 at noon PST and anyone can apply! And we mean it. Stand-up? Dance? Storytelling? Clowns? Seasoned performer? Never put on a show before? Yep. All of you can apply and be part of the Festival!

Ross Travis, of The Greatest Monkey Show on Earth, won the lottery in 2014. But you could win this year! Photo by Michael Sider.

Ross Travis, of The Greatest Monkey Show on Earth, won the lottery in 2014. But you could win this year! Photo by Michael Sider.

Here’s how it works:

Mainstage spots are chosen by Lottery draw and applications will be accepted between October 29 and November 26. Mainstage artists are assigned to a venue and the venue rental cost, technician, and schedule are provided by the Festival. More info on what’s covered and how the process works can be found here. The artists will be drawn at the Lottery Party on December 3, 2014 at the ANZA Club (we’ll be live tweeting for those of you who can’t make it).

Details on how to be a Fringe artist in our other categories, including Bring Your Own Venue (BYOV) will be available soon. Please note that the Onsite Program will not continue in 2015, however we will accept applications for site-specific theatre productions. Check the Artist Info page on our website for details.

The Theatre Scene

Just a taste of what Vancouver has to offer in the way of Theatre

Urinetown: The Musical 
November 1-29, 2014
Firehall Arts Centre
This New York Fringe Festival hit-turned-Broadway-sensation is an irreverent take on a dystopian, drought-filled future where a large corporation has a monopoly on all toilets and people must pay for the privilege to urinate. Hero Bobby Strong steps in to fight for people’s right to pee in this musical comedy.

One of the Georgia Straight's

One of the Georgia Straight’s “Talents to Watch,” Emmelia Gordon, stars in Neil LaBute’s Fat Pig. Photo by Shimon Karmel.

Fat Pig 
November 3-8, 2014
Studio 16
Fringe alumna, Emmelia Gordon stars in Neil LaBute’s Fat Pig, the story of a man who starts dating a plus-sized woman and the pressure he feels from his friends when they find out. In a society so concerned with body image, is weight the last accepted prejudice?

Broken Sex Doll 
November 12-22, 2014
York Theatre
After a sell-out run last year, Broken Sex Doll, the sci-fi musical sex comedy is back! The year is 2136. When an ordinary man wakes up from routine implant upgrade surgery, he discovers he has unexpected sensory skills—and a crush on his mysterious nurse, Ginger. After uploading an intimate encounter for an amateur “feelie” contest, he becomes the next big star in the world’s bizarre sex industry, only to discover love in the most unexpected place…

November 12-15, 2014
Russian Hall
A four-day theatre party with emerging theatre artists behind three edgy plays (This Is War, The 4th Graders Present an Unnamed Love-Suicide, and Trainspotting), followed by burlesque, spoken word, and musical performances—and food trucks!

Volunteer for the PuSh Festival
Now-December 12, 2014
The PuSh Festival, held January 20-February 8, 2015) is looking for volunteers to help in a variety of roles, including pre-Festival shifts! Apply by Dec. 12 to take advantage of the volunteer perks available!

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