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Online Ticketing is Currently Unavailable

July 25, 2014

Hello Fringers! We are running software updates, so online ticketing is currently – well – offline. We’ll be up and running as soon as possible! We are available to take orders for Frequent Fringer passes, Opening Night, The Cave Singers, and shows in our Pick Plus series, and One Man Star Wars by phone at 604-762-1927,  9:00am – 5:00pm, Monday to Friday. Our Program Guide will be available at select Blenz Coffee locations & other Fringe-friendly businesses very soon, or have a look right now, below!

Click here to download the Fringe Festival program guide as a pdf (18MB)

Get Ready to Fringe!

July 7, 2014

See 4, 10, or 30 shows with the new Frequent Fringer Card!

Your popularity has never been so imminent. You can buy your Frequent Fringer Card now and be the best date in town! You and a guest can use the card—or you alone if you like to keep your options open—for four, 10, or 30 regular Festival performances. You receive amazing value and 100% of your Frequent Fringer Card price goes to Fringe artists! And this year, we’re happy to say that Frequent Fringer Card holders can book their shows in advance. If you purchase a Frequent Fringer card, you will be invited to a special booking party on August 7 where you can swap favourite shows, meet other Fringe fanatics, and Fringe artists may even be in attendance trying to get you to go to their show! Now that’s a party where you’re guaranteed to score!

Yeah! Joyous Fringe line-ups are imminent! Photo: Michael Sider

Yeah! Joyous Fringe line-ups are imminent! Photo: Michael Sider

Frequent Fringer Cards are on sale now at these smashing prices:
$40 Frequent Fringer 4: Good for 4 performances
$90 Frequent Fringer 10: Good for 10 performances
$270 Frequent Fringer 30: To celebrate the Fringe’s 30th anniversary only 30 of these exclusive cards will be sold! It’s good for 30 performances, plus you get a 30th Anniversary Fringe t-shirt!

Frequent Fringer cards are valid for one or two people (no more than two punches per performance). Cards are limited to regular Festival performances and not valid at special events. A limited number of Frequent Fringer cards are available. Cards are non-transferable and tickets may be booked in advance or at the door. Memberships are required and must be purchased separately. Purchase your Card now.

Announcing Pick Plus + Fringe Presents!

We don’t want you to miss out on hot shows. While the Festival offers a whole grab bag of awesomeness, maybe it feels a little scary to stick your hand in and trust the magic of chance. Maybe you don’t know what to choose, so you stay at home in your stretchy pants and watch Netflix instead. This is a crying shame. The thing is, we understand. Because our Festival is programmed by lottery, we may miss out on hot shows too. Shows that receive smoking success in other cities. Or even shows that were so popular in previous Festivals that we want to bring them back. So we pick them and we show them. And we call it Pick Plus and Fringe Presents. We balance the magic of chance with our free will so that you can cast off your stretchy pants, bust out of your house, and enjoy theatre that we picked just for you.

These four shows have been selected for Pick Plus and will run at Performance Works September 17-21 alongside the 2014 Public Market Pick of the Fringe: Peter n’ Chris and The Mystery of The Murder Motel, Basic Training, 6 Guitars, and God is a Scottish Drag Queen II: An All New Testament.

Pick Plus tickets are $25 each or buy tickets to three or more Pick Plus shows and get more than 30% off-–it’s like getting a show for FREE! These limited performances will fill up fast, so jump on it!

Peter n' Chris do a lot of creepin' around in The Mystery of The Murder Motel

Peter n’ Chris do a lot of creepin’ around in The Mystery of The Murder Motel

Peter n’ Chris and The Mystery of The Murder Motel 
Thursday, September 17 at 9:00pm
Two funny guys perform this harrowing tale of murder—and running, lots of slow motion running. You might say it’s like a Scooby Doo episode with all the creeping around and people popping out of places (you might). And who doesn’t love watching two hilarious guys acting scared? Their latest show, Peter n’ Chris and the Kinda OK Corral (which is also part of the Festival) was recently selected for the 2014 Fringe Must (See) List by CBC Canada Writes, which makes these guys a big deal.

The man with the amazing elastic face, Khalil Ashanti, brings us Basic Training.

Basic Training celebrates its ten year anniversary at the Fringe.


Basic Training
Friday, September 19 at 7:00pm
Written, created, and performed by Kahlil Ashanti.
The trajectory for Kahlil Ashanti’s powerful personal play has been amazing. Early on, the show premiered in Vancouver and has since toured around the world, been performed on Broadway, and inspired a television series.  His brilliant comedic impersonations of misfit members of the US Air Force are deepened by the context of his painful past. In Kahlil’s TedxTalk, he talks about how an acting class with Jeffrey Tambor (George Bluth in Arrested Development) pushed him to tell this amazing, true story.

Chase Padgett returns with an encore for his six unique guitarists.

Chase Padgett returns with an encore for his six unique guitarists.

6 Guitars
Saturday, September 20 at 7:00pm
Written and performed by Chase Padgett.
Speaking of picks, Chase Padgett’s musical, acting, and improvisational skill strike an impressive chord. While the characterization of his six guitarists plays out in hilarious caricature, it’s his ability to humanize and hearten other humans that gives this show its lasting refrain. It reverberated at last year’s Festival when it sold out during the Public Market Pick of the Fringe. Audiences love this performer’s ability to tune and transpose with theatrical rhythm. Meet the musicians in the arrangement in this video.

God's coming back to Vancouver!

God’s coming back to Vancouver!

God is a Scottish Drag Queen II: An All New Testament
Sunday, September 21 at 7pm & 9pm
God as a dismayed comedian—totally believable, right? Award-winning comedian Mike Delamont channels his amusing disbelief through a grumpy, sarcastic Scottish woman known as God. As you are tucked in the pocket of God’s floral power suit, you are gratified by her perspective of the modern world. Read praise for Delamont as he’s set to perform at Just for Laughs in Montreal later this month.  This show is another pick by CBC’s 2014 Fringe Must (See) List.

The Fringe Presents: the FORCE!

Just like Pick Plus, Fringe Presents is our way of welcoming new Fringers and offering devoted Fringers hot, year-round programming. We’re excited to bring you One-Man Star Wars™ Trilogy written and performed by Charles Ross, directed by TJ Dawe and running February 17-19, 2015 at Performance Works. This show has traveled the world and has explored all sorts of frontiers like off-Broadway, London’s West End, Dubai’s resorts, and Lucasfilm’s own Star Wars conventions.

Charles Ross fights all the battles in his One-Man Star Wars™ Trilogy

Charles Ross fights all the battles in his One-Man Star Wars™ Trilogy

We’ve all seen the movies more than once, but this performer takes an obsession to another dimension. Sure, he has an epic ability to play all the characters, sing the music, fly the ships, and fight the battles in just 60 minutes. But Charles Ross is completely possessed by the material and it’s astounding to see a story inhabit a man’s body so intensely. And of course Star Wars fans will love the detailed and obscure references picked just for them. Tickets are $25 and are on sale now. We’ll announce the rest of Fringe Presents in October.

Call for Submissions: Fringe New Play Prize 2015

From the first steps of a draft to a full-fledged standing ovation, the Fringe and Playwrights Theatre Centre (PTC) love to nurture brand new plays. Together with PTC, we’re calling for applications for the third year of the Fringe New Play Prize. BC writers and producing teams may submit a script (or draft) and production plan for a chance to win dramaturgical support from PTC and a free guaranteed spot in the Mainstage Category at the 2015 Fringe.

The winner of this year’s Prize, Tara Travis, has been working with PTC’s Kathleen Flaherty on her Fringe play The Unfortunate Ruth. Tara says, “We here at Sticky Fingers Productions can’t wait to bring this baby to life on the Waterfront Theatre stage in September!” More details about submission and an application form are available at the Playwrights Theatre Centre website. Apply by September 30 and who knows, maybe your name will be announced at the Fringe Festival Lottery Party in early December!

New Initiatives and Volunteers Are Awesome: What Happened at our AGM

David Jordan, Angie Descalzi, and Monika Whitney, the volunteer with memorable charm. Photo: Nicola Sznajder.

David Jordan, Angie Descalzi, and Monika Whitney, the volunteer with memorable charm. Photo: Nicola Sznajder.

At our recent AGM, we were treated to artfully-arranged snacks, a musical performance from the artists behind The Chariot Cities, the presentation of the 2013 Volunteer Awards, and a look at our financial picture. In 2013 we increased our individual donations by 50% and awesome local organizations gave us more free stuff than ever to help us fuel our growing machine. Our board members have been developing their expertise to help the Fringe do cool stuff like year-round programming. Aside from more visible initiatives like the Fringe Presents, this past year meant new things like supporting Chase Padgett of 6 Guitars in his attendance at Pacific Contact, the BC Touring Council’s booking conference. We’re even working on launching a subscription series in Spring 2015 for independent theatre, so stay tuned for news on how you can see even more great theatre.

Our AGM was also an opportunity to show great displays of appreciation for the people that make the Fringe possible. While we greatly appreciate all 600+ volunteers who lend their energy, hearts, and time to the Festival, sometimes there are stellar stand outs. Volunteer Coordinator, Angie Descalzi bestowed Volunteer Awards to Rod Neuman, Althea Kaye, Odete Pinho, and Monika Whitney for their exceptional contribution to last year’s Festival. As David Jordan reflected on the big year of 2013, he delivered this Fringey gratitude: “We’re a grassroots organization so thanks for being the roots in our grass.” That includes you, dear Fringer!

Volunteers and Billet Hosts Reminder

What is that phrase? You only live once? Yep, we’re inviting you to apply as a volunteer for this year’s Festival and we’re still seeking billet hosts for Fringe artists. We’d love to be on your bucket list.

We’re also feeling cozy about our new sponsor, Shear Comfort. Famous for their sheepskin vehicle seat covers, Shear Comfort is helping us provide a comfy volunteer centre so that our volunteers feel more supported than ever.

A happy billet host scene. Jimmy illustration by Zuzia Juszkiewicz.

A happy billet host scene. Jimmy illustration by Zuzia Juszkiewicz.

Jessie Award Winners and Great News for 2015!

Emmelia Gordon accepts her award for Outstanding Actress in the Small Theatre category for Dissolve by Shameless Hussy Productions. Photo: BeattyOei Photography

Emmelia Gordon accepts her award for Outstanding Actress (Small Theatre) for Dissolve by Shameless Hussy Productions. Photo: BeattyOei Photography

At the recent Jessie Richardson Theatre Awards, we had great fun celebrating theatre in Vancouver. We cheered (just a little) harder for Jessie winners and Fringe alumni Emmelia Gordon (The Progressive Polygamists), Peter Carlone of Peter n’ Chris, Chelsea Haberlin of ITSAZOO Productions (Stay Away From My Boat @$$hole), The Only Animal (Fringe Onsite mentors), and Scott Bellis (Fringe Dramatic Works mentor). For a full list of this year’s Jessie winners, hit up

And hey, guess what? For the first time since 1994, Fringe shows will be given a chance to be recognized at the Jessie Awards in 2014/2015. Thanks to the persistence of Executive Director, David Jordan, and the work of the intrepid theatre community members that make up the Jessie’s board, Fringe shows that meet Jessie’s guidelines will be eligible for the small theatre category awards. We love that many artists cut their teeth at the Fringe and it’s great to see the strength and staying power of Fringe alumni as they are acknowledged by other devoted cultural workers in the industry. For all of us at the Fringe, it feels pretty special to play a role in our city’s dynamic theatre scene.

Sponsor Spotlight: St. Ambroise is Back to Make the Best Bar Ever!

Remember all the dance parties and new friends at the St. Ambroise Fringe Bar? A big part of those good times is thanks to McAuslan Brewing. Learn more about the official Fringe beer brewers in our sponsor spotlight.

1. In one sentence, tell us what your organization/business is or does.
McAuslan Brewing was one of the pioneers of the Canadian Craft Brewing scene and is still one of the most respected brewers of world class beers in Canada.

2. How long has your organization sponsored the Fringe?
We were the original sponsor of the St Ambroise Montreal Fringe Festival and have sponsored many Fringe Festivals across Canada including the Vancouver Fringe Festival for the past five years.

3. How are you supporting the Fringe this year?
One beer at a time!

Gorgeous Fringers enjoying McAuslan beverages at last year's St. Ambroise Fringe Bar! Photo: Michael Sider

Gorgeous Fringers enjoying McAuslan beverages at last year’s St. Ambroise Fringe Bar! Photo: Michael Sider

4. Tell us why your organization supports the Fringe and/or the arts.
Our founders Peter McAuslan and Ellen Bounsall have always been huge supporters of the arts, it is a passion of theirs. To be a part of something as grassroots as the Fringe is very exciting and rewarding.

5. If your organization and the Fringe were people, what would they do on an afternoon together?
I’m pretty sure we would get together and enjoy a few tasty brews–responsibly of course!

6. What other charities does your organization support?
We support many different charities across Canada. From Fringe Festivals and other artists to more traditional charities like the Canadian Cancer Society, Women’s Shelters, youth services etc. There are far too many to mention.

Who Will Run Granville Island? CMHC? Port Metro? The City?

Recently there has been a lot of speculation about Granville Island being taken over by Port Metro Vancouver, the City of Vancouver, or possibly staying under the management of the Canadian Mortgage and Housing Corporation (CMHC). For those of you who don’t know, Granville Island is federal land and has been managed by CMHC since the 1970s, when it began the process of becoming the place we know and love today.

Granville Island's a pretty unique place.

Granville Island’s a pretty unique place.

The Fringe has an excellent relationship with CMHC—their Cultural Partnership Program was one of the reasons the Fringe came to Granville Island in 2000 and why we have stayed. We receive an annual sponsorship through the Program as well as a lot of invaluable in kind support such as tent and equipment rentals, parking spaces, and space for performances, primarily through our site-specific theatre program, Onsite. Being able to access many theatre venues in one place has helped us build our Festival’s atmosphere. You can see a few shows in one night and go to the St. Ambroise Fringe Bar all without using your car. That’s a unique part of who we are and it is facilitated by the layout and mandate of Granville Island.

Granville Island was ahead of its day when it was originally conceived of as a cultural destination. Its mission is “to provide a self-sustaining environment that fosters diverse cultural, educational, and commercial enterprises while maintaining the Island’s historical character.”

Regardless of which organization ends up managing the Island, we’re eager to see their investment in Granville Island’s buildings, cultural tenants, and events—while continuing to reflect Granville Island’s original mission—and the redevelopment of the Emily Carr Campus will be its first test.

We’re optimistic that business sense will be used to build Granville Island as an attraction—not a tacky tourist trap—a place where locals and tourists can enjoy local foods, artistic experiences, and see a booming artisanal community at work.

The Fringe hopes that Port Metro Vancouver, the City of Vancouver, CMHC, or whatever entity takes over the Island’s management will see the opportunity to collaborate fully with the many current and future tenants of Granville Island as a place that all Vancouverites cherish as an oddball oasis of industry, produce, and culture.

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