Site-Specific – Info and Criteria

Site-Specific applications are now closed. Thank you for your interest. 

Please note, Site-Specific shows are in-person performances. Due to the Covid-19 pandemic and travel restrictions in place, we will only be accepting BC-based artists. If you are a Canadian (non-BC) artist interested in applying, please contact us at artist@vancouverfringe.com for more information.

2019 Site-Specific show Where the Quiet Queers Are – Photographed by Al Ricard

What are Site-Specific shows?

Site-Specific shows are created for their space and may not take place in a traditional theatre environment. Site-Specific applicants provide their own venue, technician, lighting, and sound. For 2021, the location of these shows must be on Granville Island. 

Some previous examples of Site-Specific shows include: 

Duck Off – A clown show in which the actor performed from a boat in the duck pond. 

Fake Ghost Tours – A roving show where performers take audiences on a “100% accurate and legitimate walking tour of Grandville Island’s most definitely haunted locations”. 

2021 Application Guidelines

  • Artists must be able to participate a minimum of 7 days within the run of the Festival (September 9 to 19). 
  • Applications are accepted on a first come, first served basis. Shows must be on Granville Island and meet the criteria of the Site-Specific Program. 
  • Artists must hire their own technician for any lighting or sound (as needed). 
  • Artists must hire their own Ticket Sellers and Ushers. Ticketing software and equipment will be provided by the Fringe.  
  • Artists must submit a Health & Safety plan to the Fringe and ensure a designated Health & Safety Officer is present at every performance.  
  • The Fringe will assist with site permissions for your location on Granville Island. 
  • All artists must comply with Festival policies and the Fringe’s Code-of-Conduct. 

We encourage you to connect with us to discuss your ideas. Please email artist@vancouverfringe.com if you have any questions about the criteria. 

What do you get from us? 

  • Support for securing your venue/site on Granville Island 
  • A listing in the Festival program guide and Festival publicity 
  • Advance Box Office 
  • Box Office equipment to run at-door ticket sales 
  • Various artist resources including event listing lists and media lists 
  • 100% of the regular box office revenue for your show 

Show Capacity 

  • Site-Specific shows have a maximum of 10 performances as part of the Vancouver Fringe Festival. 
  • Should you want to do more than 10 performances, you will need to secure those performances independently. 
  • Fringe will only provide resources for a maximum of 10 shows. 
  • Information for additional shows may be included on the show posters. 


  • Artists will create their own show schedule and submit to the Fringe. 
  • Deadline to submit is July 15, 2021. 

Fee Structure & Payment 

Site-Specific Fees: $450 + $55 administrative fee 

If the applicant is accepted, the participation fees (listed above) must be paid within one week of receiving an application approval. Payment instructions will be included in the approval email. After this deadline, accepted artists with outstanding payment will be moved to the bottom of the waitlist, and the first waitlisted artist will be offered their spot. Payment confirms your acceptance of a spot in the Festival. 

Please note: 

  • All fees will be deposited immediately. 
  • Accepted companies who withdraw will be refunded (less the $55 administration fee) until July 11 at 5:00pm (PST). After that date and time, no refunds will be issued. 
  • There will be a charge of $25.00 for all cheques returned with non-sufficient funds. 
  • Tickets are sold for $15 inclusive of taxes and fees. The artists get 100% of the BASE ticket price, which is $12 per ticket.  

For IBPOC Artists

We’re offering an opportunity for racialized IBPOC (Indigenous, Black, People of Colour) – with possible IBPOC intersectionality in living with a disability, 2LGBTQ+, d/Deaf/Hard of Hearing, Blind/Low Vision, neurodiverse – Artists or creative team leads* to apply for a subsidy of the full administrative fee ($55). 

*We consider a “creative team lead” to be the creator/producer of work, or a team member whose creative leadership is integral to the production of the show. In most cases this person would be the primary or secondary contact listed in your application. 

If you have any questions, please contact us at artist@vancouverfringe.com.