Yes!? AND?!

DCJ Productions

Hyperdrive activated! We are heading to a galaxy far, far away. The red pill leads to a metropolis and the blue pill, to a forbidden planet: which one will you choose? Can you make the quantum leap to the outer limits of your imagination or will we head down a wormhole. Step through the black mirror because this is our event horizon and we need to leave this island earth. Or at least I do. You will be the guardians of this galaxy. Yes!? AND?! “David C. Jones is one of the funniest minds in Vancouver” - The Vancouver Sun. You are the dilithium crystals that fuel the show, and you can reverse the polarity at any time. Set phasers to fun and I won't rebel 'moon' you.
Last year's show, Eviction Conniption, won an award, so that's a thing.
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Genre: Comedy, Silly
Duration: 70 mins
Price: $14
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Age Rating: PG
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