WROL – Without Rule of Law

Rough Magic

WROL (Without Rule of Law) by Michaela Jeffery is a darkly comic coming-of-age play that delves into the lives of a group of eighth-grade girls who are tired of fighting to belong in a world that dismisses their fears and values. Set in a contemporary North American city, the play unfolds in a makeshift survivalist hideaway, exploring the tender and wild world of being thirteen years old.

The story is driven by resilient and self-possessed characters—Maureen, Jo, Sarah, Vic, and Robbie—who struggle to function in a world they cannot trust to prioritize their well-being and who must grapple with their anxieties and aspirations in a society that often tells them to be seen and not heard. Part campfire story, part primal scream, WROL is a love letter to every young woman who has ever been told she is "too much," or that what she has to say is less important than how she says it.

WROL is not just a narrative of survival; it is an empowering tale of friendship, rebellion, and the quest for justice. It invites viewers to question the status quo and to recognize the power of preparedness, solidarity, and speaking out. Join us for a compelling exploration of youth, courage, and the fight for a better world. As Jo would say, “Come Prepared to Be Prepared.”
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Genre: Heart-wrenching, Thoughtful
Duration: 75 mins
Price: $14
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Age Rating: PG
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