When the Moment Comes

Drama for a Change

How do people of faith transcend incarceration, torture, and execution? “When the Moment Comes” shares the harrowing journey and the heartbreaking stories of the members of the Bahai Faith who were persecuted in the aftermath of the Iranian Revolution in 1979.
This play is based on the memories of Ruhi Jahanpour, an Iranian Baha’i woman, who refused to renounce her faith. As a result, she was imprisoned, with so many other Bahais in Iran. Ms. Jahanpour survived and has been sharing her inspiring story with the world, honoring the lives and sacrifices of the women and men with whom she was imprisoned. Tragically, ten of her cellmates, all women, were executed by hanging on the same day: June 18th, 1983.
“When the Moment Comes”, which was performed in Anchorage, Alaska, in the spring of 2024, is part of the global campaign #ourstoryisone. The campaign has dedicated the anniversary to all women regardless of faith and background, who have contributed to the struggle for gender equality.
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Genre: Heart-wrenching, Thoughtful, Historical
Duration: 70 mins
Price: $15
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Age Rating: PG
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