The Pigeon & The Dove: A History of Hatred & Love

CVM & Reid Jamieson

Much like the homeless and the housed, the pigeon and the dove are, in fact, the same damn bird. ‘They’ are ‘Us’.

Inspired by the works of Buffy Sainte Marie & Dr. Gabor Mate, Vancouver singer-songwriters Reid Jamieson & Carolyn Mill use a mix of music and comedy to explore the tipping point, where we go from housed to homeless. Cycles of lighthearted vignettes about the much-maligned pigeon, related insight from local housing advocates, and dark but danceable songs reflecting on the many roads one can take to end up on the street – by singing these stories we may find them easier to hear. But really, it’s about pigeons.

Prepare to be amazed by this fascinating bird of lost paradise as we take an eye-opening journey of perception, with a bird’s eye view of those living on the street.
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Genre: Theatre, Comedy, Spoken Word, Music
Duration: 60 mins
Price: $15
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Age Rating: 14+
Warnings: Challenging Content
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