The Artists’ Revolution

Publius Productions

Why must artists suffer and starve for their art, as they try to bring truth and beauty into the world? While people with meaningless, toxic, soul-crushing jobs get paid handsomely for little effort? Is this all part of some sinister plot to keep the vast wealth of our civilization out of the hands of people who might improve life for everyone?

Convinced that a committed stage actor deserves and can realistically earn $1,000 per performance, a passionate theatre patron enacts his unique plan. Will he change centuries of status quo? And maybe find true love at the same time?

Not content to wait for government or the public to come around to his point of view, he takes action. Using his own imagination and ideas gleaned from studying the problem, he plots a new course for theatre.

Our hero sets out to show people just how badly they need live art. In the process, he endangers a key friendship and also jeopardizes his chance at winning the heart of the woman he loves. All while shedding and transcending his cubicle-farm existence to achieve a new level of self-actualization, whatever the outcome.

Come see how he does it... and decide for yourself whether his ideas just might work in reality. Does a new “golden age of the stage” await, right around the corner?
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Genre: Comedy, Heart-wrenching, Thoughtful
Duration: 45 mins
Price: $15
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Age Rating: 14A
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