Thanks For Understanding

Lauren Alberico Productions

"Thanks for Understanding" follows Alfie through a series of tragic dating events. As a one-human show, the other characters are played by none other than a selection of balloons! After setting free a balloon that has been attached to her wrist for too long, Alfie embraces the opportunity of a free wrist. As Alfie figures out how to navigate the dating scene, she has some unfortunate balloon casualties. Popping, sagging, floating and smooshing etc. Soundtracked by banjo old time music, she learns many lessons along the way regarding balloon behaviour. “Thanks for Understanding” primarily uses clowning and mime elements, in a very honest style. Amongst banjo tunes and maybe a karaoke song or two, you will experience a whirlwind of a tale! If you have ever been victimized by dating in the modern day, this show is for you! If you haven’t, use this as a cautionary tale. Written, and performed by Lauren Alberico. An emerging queer artist local to Vancouver. This is her first ever Fringe production and first ever solo produced work. This has been many years in the making in her mind, and after talking to everyone she knows about this idea, it has become a reality! Lauren is so excited and honoured to be a part of the Vancouver Fringe this year, and is so thrilled to share her story and work with you. But if not, no worries! She understands.
Event Info
Venue: The NEST
Genre: Comedy, Heart-wrenching, Thoughtful, Silly
Duration: 45 mins
Price: $12
Show Content
Age Rating: 14A
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