Tale of Heartbreak

Ouzla the Okay

Some clowns can tell a story that both breaks your heart and uplifts your spirit. Ouzla the Okay, coming in fresh from Eugene, Oregon, is just that type of clown. This benign trickster enjoys playing games with the difficult emotions that might otherwise feel scary. Hopscotch with low self-esteem? Let’s do it. Audiences of all ages adore Ouzla’s skill at physical comedy, puppetry, and mime which weave into a narrative performance about the foolish ways we look for connection and security. In this show, hope has walked out of Ouzla’s life (forever!) along with her true love. She is just trying to get over it. And be protected from failure. And receive the approval of others. And control her future. Simple human stuff, right? Hilarious, surprising, and fun for the whole family, this is a show about longing, loneliness, and pizza.
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Genre: Comedy, Thoughtful, Silly, Story-telling
Duration: 50 mins
Price: $12
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Age Rating: G
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