Nectarine Frosting

Melanie Adamsons, Kerry du Plessis, and Jennie Grenelle

Nectarine Frosting is an absurdist dark comedy that poses the questions: What might happen when the pursuit of a dream becomes an obsession? Who do we become when we can’t stop “doing”? And can we ever escape the dead-end cycles of productivity that imprison our lives? Set in a whimsical bakery, this fast-paced one-act play by Matthew Moore will make you see pastry in a whole new light, blending humour and dark themes to explore the human condition through the lens of baking! Played by a female-identifying cast, Melinda, Marta and Dusty—each with their own quirks and competing dreams—are forced to examine their lives and their hidden hopes when a tug-of-war ensues over a cake. Nectarine Frosting promises to be both thought-provoking and entertaining. You will find yourself laughing one moment, sighing sympathetically the next and then quietly reflecting on your own personal ambitions. You will walk away from this mind-bending experience not just craving cupcakes, but feeling your mind delightfully tangled and your heart sprinkled with a touch of sweet, quirky charm. Nectarine Frosting makes its world debut at the 2024 Vancouver Fringe Festival and the team behind it is both honoured and thrilled to be bringing it to this lovely city.
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Genre: Comedy, Thoughtful, Silly
Duration: 50 mins
Price: $13
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Age Rating: PG
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