I Fear Love

Katie Voravong

"The show where I wear my heart on my sleeve. Watch me take it, eat it and break it on stage. It might even skip a beat."

I Fear Love is a soloshow – a mishmash of game show, live comedy and memoir with a sprinkle of ted talk and choose your own adventure. Drawing inspiration directly from my personal life about love - it’s pretty much about romance and me. My hope is that it'll be both unashamedly and ashamedly honest, tender and vulnerable in its details, and lots of fun :)

This show contains the following:
• Audience participation
• Mature language (swearing)
• Mentions and descriptions of explicit sexual content
• Discussions of race, sexuality, and gender identity
• Descriptions of violence to self/ self-loathing

Creative and Production Team:
Playwright & Performer - Katie Voravong
Director - Derek Chan 陳嘉昊
Dramaturg - Stephanie Wong
Producer & Marketing Manager - Natasha Chew
Accessibility Consultant - Veronique West
Production Manager & Stage Manager (Performance) - Caroline Tang
Technical Director - Christian Ching
Stage Manager (Rehearsal) - Starlynn Chen
Lighting Designer - Jonathan Kim
Projection Designer - June Hsu
Sound Designer & Composer - Lennox Johnston-Yu
Photographer - Pedro Augusto Meza
Comics & Sticker Designer - W Chung
Stickers Designer - 林乐 Le Lin
Event Info
Venue: The NEST
Genre: Comedy, Heart-wrenching, Thoughtful, Story-telling
Duration: 55 mins
Price: $12
Show Content
Age Rating: 18A
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