How to Catch a Karen

Naked Empire Bouffon Company

Naked Empire Bouffon Company returns to Vancouver with their Best of Fringe hit that the SF Chronicle describes as “unmitigated brilliance”.

HOW TO CATCH A KAREN begins in the theater where the irreverent trickster witch, Baba Yaga, seems to have been expecting you. With equal parts cheeky sass and ominous ritual, she leads the audience through a fast-paced and interactive exorcism of “Karens”. But she’s not just looking for any generic Karen; Baba Yaga’s specialty is finding the most insidious, in-denial Karens of all: the progressive Karen. She whisks spectators to familiar worlds where progressive Karens thrive unchecked, like instagram feeds, kinky parties, immigrant households, college campuses, tech conferences, fringe theatre festivals, and even tear ducts themselves. HOW TO CATCH A KAREN is a tour de force of shapeshifting, charm, and savagery as Baba Yaga makes it clear that catching progressive Karens is dangerous, wildly fun, and crucial for a more just future.

Naked Empire has toured North America with award-winning productions winning Best of the Fringe three times in San Francisco, the Talk of the Fringe Award in Vancouver, the Artist’s Choice Award in Edmonton, as well as Official Selections from the Toronto Festival of Clowns, Vancouver’s Dancing on the Edge Festival, Victoria’s UNOFest, Berkeley’s Blast Festival, and Xfest in Edwardsville, Illinois.

“Devilishly dangerous theater.” -Huffington Post
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Genre: Comedy, Other
Duration: 55 mins
Price: $15
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Age Rating: 14A
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