A Smoke Behind The Rope

Sky Theatre Group

Set in a high-security prison, " A Smoke behind the Rope" follows the connection that blooms between Golnaz and Farhad on a night that they fear will end in death. What follows is a poetic dance of story, memory, imagination and passion in the face of oppression.

Golnaz and Farhad, accidental activists, find themselves in solitary confinement in a prison famous for torture and mysterious disappearances. Imagination and a powerful need for connection allow these two young strangers to find ways to share their pain, joy, fear, and humour in an environment of great uncertainty and profound paranoia. Stories of resistance are etched on the prison walls, serving as a powerful reminder of the struggles and injustices those who resist authoritarian systems face.

"We are thrilled to bring 'A Smoke behind the Rope' to the stage and share the powerful stories of these two political prisoners with audiences," said Rzgar Hama, the playwright and director of the production. "Coming from a Kurdish background, I was exposed to accounts of political detainees and executions from a young age. The experience hit particularly closer when my brother narrowly escaped being hanged," he said.
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Genre: Thoughtful, Story-telling
Duration: 70 mins
Price: $15
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Age Rating: PG
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