43 and me

Anastasia Koutalianos

Welcome to this sacred circle, where ceremony and story weave together and take centre stage.

Awaiting the permit to renovate her parents’ bathroom, Anastasia gets a call that her mother was admitted to hospital in Greece and has 24 to 48 hours to live. A raw, lighthearted and improvised storytelling of the season leading up to her mother’s passing, 43 and me invites you into the personal life and times of Anastasia Koutalianos as she recounts a shit-show three months. From a renovation that won’t quit, ten weeks of clowning around, to a crash course into grief and what it is like to die for those who stay behind.

A Vancouver-based writer and shamanic practitioner, Anastasia is stretching beyond the page in her first stage performance in what she’s calling "an exercise in being seen and heard." And as such, is gifting audiences with an intimate glimpse into her truth, and the unfolding of her latest project: a three-book memoir on her female family line as a way to unveil its shared intergenerational trauma across three generations.

Come witness a life in progress, about the things we often leave unsaid, spiced with a dash of laughter, song and Greek ancestral story.

With love,
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Genre: Heart-wrenching, Thoughtful, Historical, Nostalgic, Story-telling, Other
Duration: 75 mins
Price: $15
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Age Rating: 18A
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