Membership Fee (One-Time Purchase)

Purchase your $7 Vancouver Fringe Theatre Society (VFTS) Membership to gain access to the Fringe Festival. You can purchase your Membership at the Box Office or at the door of the venue. You can also add a Membership to your online ticket order for pick-up at the event. Your Membership helps ensure that there will be a Festival! You will be required to present your Membership Card at each performance you attend. If you are unable to present your Card, you will be required to purchase an additional non-refundable Card.

In addition to accessing shows during the Festival, by joining the VFTS, you are entitled to participate in its direction by attending the VFTS Annual General Meeting in 2020. Completely filling in your Membership Card activates your Membership. All activated cards will be entered into a draw for a 2019 Festival Pass. All personal information provided will be kept private and confidential and will not be passed on to any individual or organization as per our Privacy Policy, which is available at vancouverfringe.com.

Membership is valid until September 2, 2020.

What’s the Deal with Memberships?

Your Membership fees help cover the cost of the Festival! How does that break down?:

39% Staff & Benefits
Did you know the Fringe employs more than 40 people in year-round and seasonal positions?
25.6% Venue Rentals & Site Production
20% Website & Marketing
8.2% Administrative Costs
Accounting, phones, internet, bank fees, etc.
4.9% Volunteer Program
Appreciation incentives, training, etc.
2.3% Artist Development
Awards, mentorships, etc.

Membership fees only cover 5.5% of the VFTS’s annual budget! We rely on sponsorships, government and foundation grants, and donations from people like you to cover the true cost of the Festival.

Purchase your Membership here!