Another 40 Years of The Fringe

A Giant Thank You!

We met our goal! Thanks to our incredible community of donors, the Government of BC, and the Government of Canada, we have raised well over our goal of $80,000. So many people stepped forward and showed they believe in empowering independent artists to create unconventional art.

So what does this mean for the festival?

This is a huge relief. It guarantees we will have a 2025 festival and that we can produce festivals for a few years to come. This would never have happened without your help. We received national media coverage when we asked for support, and you stepped up.

This campaign showed that people sincerely care about the Fringe. From our very small team, we want to say thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

Why does the Fringe matter to you?

James & Jamesy

Fringe is a pressure cooker with all elements of theatre pushed into the pot. It’s a concoction that relies on the creative, the courageous, and the vulnerable. We are so grateful for having been immersed in it. With the nourishment of Fringe, our James & Jamesy shows have been served up across Canada, the States, and UK. This year we’ll reach show number 1000! With each festival we stage our shows – we grow as producers, technicians, marketers and as artists. It truly is wonderful.

TJ Dawe

“In my ten million years of Fringe touring, the Vancouver Fringe was the final stop. And as exhausted as all the touring people were by that point, the festival was so good it buoyed us right up, giving us great audiences, excellent venues, and the natural beauty that made many an artist move here. It was the perfect way to end the mad cross-Canada carnival that is the Fringe tour. Let it continue to give performers and patrons that juice of creativity and energy forever!”


Elaine McRitchie & Russ Miranda

“The Fringe is so important to us because it gives us a sense of community. We see 40+ shows every year, and have been coming for more than 20 years. We are entertained, of course, but the Fringe gives us so much more. New ideas and different perspectives, and a chance to feel like we are nurturing new talents. We also love seeing our favourite performers return, and we have an incredible sense of pride in witnessing how far they have come. We are grateful for all the amazing experiences and friends the Fringe has given us and we can’t wait to Fringe again!”

Davey Samuel Calderon

“When I first moved to Vancouver, the Vancouver Fringe Festival was my first introduction to the theatre community here. I was inspired and wanted to be a part of it. For the next 14 years I have been a part of it in different ways, and I continue to be connected to it because it shares with people the spirit of theatre. The Fringe is the exemplary place of self-expression of performance and the multiplicity of ways we inspire and create connections with each other, audiences, and communities.”


Amica Hunter

“As an artist, Fringe festivals are invaluable platforms that allow me to push the boundaries of my work, and bring to a bunch of different audiences who wouldn’t otherwise see it. Having a supportive environment where experimental and alternative forms of art are celebrated and embraced is crucial for our survival as artists. Fringe festivals foster collaboration and exchange of ideas – as much as I use the Fringe circuit as a tool of my career to create and tour work that I otherwise couldn’t afford to do, I keep coming back to SEE other shows. In short, Fringe festivals are vital – for me as an artist, but also for all of us – they provide the perfect stage to challenge norms, spark conversations, and celebrate the vibrant diversity of expression.”



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