Your Fringe for a Day!

Tom and Pete have had their own day at the Fringe for several years. Why? Because it’s so much fun!

A day dedicated to you during the Festival? Sounds like a perfect fit for a Fringe Lover who wants to shout their love from the rooftops—or at least from the curtain speech!

Any person (or group of people) who donate $1500 or more can own their very own day at the Festival—we’ll celebrate you and your reasons for giving all day long!

Cheer when you hear your name during a curtain speech, and celebrate at the Fringe Bar! Make it a party and bring your friends to see some shows! We’ll give you 10 exchange vouchers that are good for one show each, bring 1 friend to 5 shows, bring 10 friends to 1 show, or you can use them all yourself!! Last but not least, you’ll get to show your Fringe Love off with a $25 credit for Fringe Merch!

If you would like your own day at the 2018 Festival, let us know by emailing Robyn Kurtz!

Our 2017 Your Fringe For a Day-ers!

Thursday September 7
David Jordan Day!

Our esteemed Executive Director David Jordan is leaving after this Festival, and he will be missed. We are happy and excited for him in his new adventures, but this place won’t be the same without him! From all of us, staff, volunteers, artists, and patrons we just wanted to say “good luck David!” The good news is that David is a Fringer through and through and although he won’t be the boss anymore, he’s a Fringe Lover always, and we know we won’t be able to shake him. Nor would we want to! Here’s to David!!

Saturday September 9
Status Bureau Day!

The Status Bureau is the digital marketing sponsor for the Vancouver Fringe. Our company specializes in search marketing and analytics – which is to say we engineer Google results so that people find the Fringe more often, so we sell more tickets, and support more artists. If this is something you could use for your organization reach out at www.statusbureau.com. Or y’know, just google us.

Tuesday September 12
Bring a Friend to Fringe Day!

It may have been the scent of a Lee’s donut that initially brought Asha to the Island at the right time to stumble upon the magnificence of the Vancouver Fringe Festival, or perhaps it was the warm invite of a good friend. He does not remember and we will never know, but one thing’s for certain: Lee’s has limited hours and donuts. So, if you love the Fringe like Asha does, share the love and bring a friend! They will thank you for it. The fringe will thank you for it. And Asha might share his donut with you.

Saturday September 16
Hoppy Birdie John Day!

The Frunks and the Mason family would like to take this opportunity to say Hoppy Birdie John, who is as old this year as the Fringe movement, and just as amazing. John is a long time Fringe donor, volunteer, and the Frunk that brought us all together. We love you just as much as you love the Fringe John! Cheerch! (and we’ll see you at the bar later).

Sunday September 17
Pete and Tom Day!

Having your own special day at the Fringe is not just an opportunity for friends to heckle you at the beginning of each performance. Our monthly donations remind us of the amazing experiences shared when we head up to Vancouver from California each September. To be even a small part of making this magic happen is humbling and we hope others will join us in supporting this wonder-filled event. And in all honesty, we would probably miss the heckling part too…

Your Fringe for a Day donation needn’t come all at once—donations can be spread out in monthly payments. You can also “go in” on a day with your pals!

If having your own day at the Fringe Festival sounds like the best idea ever, contact us at 604.257.0350 (Ext. 107) or email robyn [at] vancouverfringe [dot] com to reserve your day!!