World Fringe Day Video Submissions

Who can make a video?

YOU! Fringe fans, patrons, volunteers, artists, donors, staff, Fringe fans, sponsors, we want to hear from all of you!

How do I make a video?

Just point and shoot with your phone! We’re only looking for about a minute, nothing fancy. Please watch your video before you send it to make sure the sound quality is okay (film inside!). After filming simply email your clip to our designer Ada who will edit it together with everyone’s to make one awesome video!

Tip for iPhone users: if you get a message when you click to email that says the clip is too large and to use Mail Drop,  click “use mail drop” and it will get sent!

What should be in my video?

You, talking about the Fringe! Tell us what you love about the Fringe, why you think the Fringe is important, how you Fringe, your favourite Fringe memory, or simply a message wishing everyone a happy World Fringe Day! Those are just a few ideas. You can really say anything! Please keep your video under a minute.

Reminder: Videos should be around a minute long and emailed to Ada (design@vancouverfringe.com) by July 3!