The Fringe’s Wishlist

Not only is the Fringe a charity, we’re also interested in increasing our sustainability and lessening our impact on the planet. With that in mind, we have a wishlist of things that we could put to good use, that you or your company may no longer need! If you have something to gift, please email our Director of Sponsorship and Development, Chelsey!

When you give to the Fringe, you are supporting hundreds of artists and thousands of patrons as we work to create Theatre For Everyone at the Fringe Festival! THANK YOU!

The Vancouver Fringe’s Wishlist!

Tablets (and amazing Vollies!) make the lines go FAST! Photo by Clayton Wong

Microsoft tablets. We use these during the Festival so we can sell tickets!

Desktop Mac. Our designer uses this to create design pieces, like the Program Guide!

Stand-alone photocopier.(printer/scanner/copier in one). We do a lot of printing and scanning and photocopying!




A kitchen sink. Seriously. If a plumber wants to donate time to infuse a sink into our sinkless kitchen, we would LOVE you forever and ever.

A 12″ (or larger) computer monitor. Our awesome ED, Sam, would love this so she can read all her spreadsheets. When you think Fringe, you think spreadsheets, right?

Noise-cancelling headphones. We have a small office and lots people (during Festival time). Sometimes some of us need to tune out the chatter to get all the Fringey work done.

A vanity with lights. Like the stars use 🙂

If you have any of these items, please e-mail our Director of Sponsorship and Development, Chelsey! Thanks again for your support of independent and emerging theatre! We couldn’t do it without you!