What’s the Next for the Fringe?

The Fringe has a lot to look forward to despite the cancelation of the fourth mini-festival. It’s time to take a Victory Bow in Gratitude and appreciation for all the folks who made 2020 a success despite the pandemic. It’s time to reflect and thank! Over the next month, we will be holding numerous different gatherings for appreciation. We start with hosting a digital volunteer appreciation gathering for our lovely volunteers and then the current team would get together for our annual holiday meal (Online this year) to share in the holiday spirit and relive our successes.
This year’s appreciation gatherings are all digital events. Speeches, performances, and games will be all in a mix of festivities. This is an excellent adventure for the Fringe team and volunteers. We were lucky to host three live mini-fringe festivals with local artists this year. We have innovated and tried new initiatives this year and some of these were very successful, thanks to your support.
These event online are for volunteer or team members only. However, we hope you all celebrate the holidays ahead in a safe, social distanced and perhaps virtual format. Our offices will be closed from December 18th to January 3rd for the holidays. And as we plan and regroup for our 2021 festival, please stay tuned for all the details in the new year.