Every patron needs a membership and a ticket to attend Fringe Festival shows. First add a membership to your cart for each member of your group, then add the appropriate number of tickets. Read on for help with the ticket-buying process!

When you first land on our ticketing site, you’ll need to log in or create an account! All your purchases are attached to your account, so this has to be your first step before adding any tickets or Memberships to your cart.

Since the Fringe has a new ticketing system this year, the first time you log in, you’ll need to reset your password. Or if this is your first time buying Fringe tickets, you can make a new account. After that you can review your account details to make sure they’re still accurate!

Once you’ve reviewed your account, head to the MEMBERSHIP tab at the top of the page.

Choose your desired level and number of memberships (you can purchase for a maximum of yourself plus five others, but you will be responsible for purchasing their tickets. If you would like your guests to purchase their own tickets, they should also purchase their own Memberships.

Add the Membership to your basket:

And then head to the EVENTS tab at the top of the screen.

From here, you can navigate through the shows you’re interested in, using the calendar or just by clicking “BOOK NOW” underneath the show image and description.

Inside the show, select your desired date, and add the number of tickets you want to purchase from the drop-down menu. Remember, if you are purchasing tickets for more than one person, you must have the same Membership level in your cart or already attached to your account.

Next, you can hit the Checkout button .  .  .

. . . to review your order. You can add a donation to your basket here, clear your basket entirely, or continue to Checkout.

(Scroll down if you don’t see this option right away.)

Before the order is complete, you’ll get a chance to review your account details and make note of any accessibility requirements you have.

After that, enter your credit card details, decide if you want to sign up for our newsletters, confirm that you’ve read our health and safety policies, and if you want, activate your membership!

Hitting the “Complete Order” button will put your order through.