Thanks for Making the Fringe Possible!

Dear Fringe Family,

As we look forward to a brand-new year, we want to take a moment to thank our sponsors. Without them, it would have been impossible for the 2020 Fringe staggered festivals to succeed.

The 2020 Fringe was based on Granville Island. Thanks to the support from CMHC Granville Island, Fringe was able to provide crucial assistance through the use of venues, parking, and other essential services.

The Phillips Fringe Bar was a success with a brand-new health and safety policy – all thanks to Phillips Brewing and Georgian Bay Spirit Co. Their drinks delighted audiences’ tastebuds.

TD has been the Fringe’s proud sponsor for years, supporting our Equity, Diversity and Inclusion efforts. Their support makes an invaluable difference in our theatre community, particularly in the Fringe community.

Thunderbolt Sign and PrintPrint returned as the Fringe’s supporting and sustaining printing partners. We thank them for all the signage distributed during the Festival.

We are thrilled that Shear Comfort returned and continues to support us as one of the vital sponsors of the Fringe. Their contribution enabled us to flexibly support the Fringe’s immediate volunteer needs.

We also want to give a big shout out to the Fringe Hub Partner Storage for Your Life. Theatre shows can’t happen without the best storage partner in town! Storage for Your Life is easy, secure, and a stalwart supporter of the Fringe.

It was great to have the financial support of these sponsors and funders in 2020! The Fringe could not have presented a live festival during the pandemic in 2020 without their support. We look forward to seeing you again soon in 2021.

Last but not least, millions of thanks to our government and foundation supporters including Canadian Heritage, the British Columbia Arts Council, The province of British Columbia, City of Vancouver, Canada Cultural Human Resources Council, and the Vancouver Foundation.


Help Close the Gap

We are working hard to Close the Gap caused by Covid 19 and we are so excited to say that we’re very close to our goal thanks to the incredible Fringers like you!

We have raised almost $25,000 in donations to support the Fringe but we need your help to make it the rest of the way to our $30,000 goal!

Help us reach our goal by donating today!


Call for Artists

Sound the Alarm (STA) is looking for exciting and diverse voices for their inaugural 5-episode series of audio-dramas that will feature 5 independent stories by 5 unique writers with 5 different casts and designers. For more detailed information, please visit Here.


Photo by Christache Ross

Mx is Back!

Check your privilege at the door. Mx will challenge and make you feel uncomfortable…At its most powerful, Mx also calls upon members of the audience to be more than purely witnesses.”- Vancouver Presents

Lili Robinson’s Mx is the 2019 winner of the Cultchivating The Fringe Award. What of our culture lives within us, and how much is determined by our upbringing? If a part of your identity has never been nurtured, do attempts to rekindle it amount to appropriation?

The show runs February 18 – 24 at The Cultch. The ticket and the show description link are here.


Submission Guidelines for Community News in Our Newsletters

If you were a Fringe artist, or are a Fringe community member, or are a non-profit arts and cultural organization who would like us to help you spread an important message for our fringe community, or want to share information about any activities and performances, please email marketing@vancouverfringe.com with the subject line “Newsletter Request”, and a brief 1-2 paragraph piece of content. We shall consider your request if its suitable and appropriate for our mission, vision and Mandate. Thank you!


A perspective shift character

An octopus with a “hat”

Wear Your Fringe On Your Sleeve

Show your love for the Festival by buying some swag from our brand-new online store! From t-shirts, to sweaters, to hoodies, and more products to be announced, you can now order from the comfort of your own home—or wherever you are!

When you order online, we’ll organize a time to arrange a safe pick-up from a spot in Granville Island. Can’t make it to Granville Island? Contact Zoe at marketing@vancouverfringe.com to discuss mailing options!