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Rocko and Nakota: Tales From the Land
Indigenized Indigenous Theatre
By Josh Languedoc

Wednesday, September 18 at 7:00pm

Meet Nakota. An anxious young boy who is trying to write the greatest story ever. One day, Grandpa Rocko comes to visit him in the hospital. Next thing Nakota knows, he is whisked away into a world of stories that are right below his feet. Within the land.

This show explores the interplay between stories of the present against the long forgotten stories of the past. After a cross-Canada Fringe tour and an Edmonton school tour, Anishinaabe playwright/storyteller Josh Languedoc is excited to bring Rocko and Nakota back to the Vancouver Fringe for one more performance.

Flute Loops
Devon More Music
Written, Created & Performed by Devon More

Thursday, September 19 at 7:00pm

The Flute Loops—pop music’s latest viral sensation—are about to the hit the stage! Meanwhile, the quantum physic PhD student working the merch table is trying to warp space-time while under the influence—of Saint Stephen Hawking. With the muses of classical music and theoretical math at her side, can she calculate the suspension of the 4th dimension—or Thomas’ attention?

A fish out of water making sound waves faces off with cosmic flute rock show-stopping solos. Quirks, quarks, strangeness, charm, and the substance of sound collide in a subatomic rock opera where anything that can happen does.

With Devon More “showcasing a polymath’s proclivity for playing multiple instruments” and “dope-ass beats” (★★★★ —CBC, 2018), “this is truly a one-of-a-kind show” (★★★★ —Winnipeg Free Press, 2018).
The Ballad of Frank Allen
Weeping Spoon Productions
Written & Directed by Shane Adamczak

Thursday, September 19 at 8:45pm

After making its world debut at Fringe World 2016 and two years successfully touring Australia and Canada, the award-winning show finally makes its Vancouver return! A sci-fi buddy-comedy about a man who lives in another man’s beard from the bizarre mind of Festival-favourite Shane Adamczak (Trampoline, Zack Adams, Canadian Just for Laughs Award Winner, and producer of other 5-star Fringe hits This Is Not A Love Song and Vicious Circles).

When a scientific accident causes a mild-mannered janitor to shrink and get stuck in another man’s beard, their unlikely friendship might be exactly what the two directionless men need to set them on the path toward being better men, proving that even the smallest people can do big things.