Physical Accessibility

We at the Fringe are doing our best to become as accessible as possible to all audiences. While most Fringe Festival venues are fully wheelchair accessible, some shows are site-specific and wheelchair access may be limited in those venues. Please take a look at the information below for further details.

Granville Island: External Approach and Environment

The exterior of Granville Island is connected to accessible public transit. However, no buses go directly into Granville Island. The walkway to Granville Island from the bus stops can be a barrier to those with mobility issues as the paving is uneven. Patrons using wheelchairs are recommended to use either the HandyDart service or private transport.

While most venue doors do not have mechanical switches, all main entrances will be propped open prior to start of shows. However, patrons are expected to wait and line up outside prior to the theatre door opening times, which may cause difficulties in poor weather conditions.

Parking is available throughout Granville Island. Day parking is temporarily free for visitors to support businesses on Granville Island. There is currently no overnight or extended parking except for the Old Bridge Street Parkade. There are accessibility parking spots available throughout the Island so patrons with mobility concerns can park within a close distance to the venues. Given the hectic traffic during event periods on Granville Island, coupled with narrowed lanes, patrons may not be able to spend much time unloading in front of venues. It is recommended that patrons with accessibility needs arrive early to allow extra time for unloading and making their way to the venue.

General Theatre Environment

All performances are seated on a first come, first served basis. However, priority seating will be held at all venues, with the exception of Site-Specific venues. We ask that patrons with special seating needs to arrive early and identify themselves to a volunteer at our venues to receive priority seating.

Patrons with concerns are encouraged to contact us ahead of time at boxoffice@vancouverfringe.com so we can accommodate any needs you may have.


Performance Works

The theatre in this venue is fully accessible, with no steps or ramps. The washrooms are accessible but the corridor to the men’s washroom is narrow. Both washrooms have a sharp turn and there are no mechanical switches to operate the washroom doors. The floor is made of concrete so it may be slippery when wet. Accessible parking is located right by the front door of this venue.

You can also read a full accessibility audit of Performance Works here. Our thanks to PuSh International Performing Arts Festival for sharing this resource with us.


The venue is wheelchair accessible from the entrance to the theatre. The theatre has raked seating but the front row is wheelchair accessible. The seats fold and have arms. Limited alternative seating is available in the front row. There are two gender-neutral washrooms with one wheelchair accessible stall in each washroom.

Picnic Pavilion

This venue is outdoors and is wheelchair accessible. There are no washrooms at this venue, however there are portable washrooms and public washrooms nearby (please note hours of services may be limited in the evenings).

Alder Bay Dock

The show at this venue is an outdoor roving show that happens along the boardwalk. Most of the acts will happen on the grassy areas. The venue is wheelchair accessible but the paths can be bumpy. Patrons using wheelchairs will be able to view the acts by the boardwalk without having to get onto the grassy areas. There are no washrooms at this venue, however there are portable washrooms nearby (please note hours of services may be limited in the evenings).