Yes!? AND?!

DCJ Productions

Hyperdrive activated! We are heading to a galaxy far, far away. The red pill leads to a metropolis and the blue pill, to a forbidden planet: which one will you choose? Can you make the quantum leap to the outer limits of your imagination or will we head down a wormhole. Step through the black mirror because this is our event horizon and we need to leave this island earth. Or at least I do. You will be the guardians of this galaxy. Yes!? AND?! “David C. Jones is one of the funniest minds in Vancouver” opined the Vancouver Sun. You are the dilithium crystals that fuel the show, and you can reverse the polarity at any time. Set phasers to fun and I won't rebel 'moon' you.
Last year's show, Eviction Conniption, won an award, so that's a thing.
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Genre: Comedy, Silly
Duration: 70 mins
Price: $14
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Age Rating: PG
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