The Judge’s Daughter

Sinister Seniors Ensemble

How can we the people question the actions of our Supreme Court Judges? Award-winning playwright Mairy Beam tackles this question with a stellar cast of four. This play takes place over a few weeks in the Whistler ski cabins of Judge Kelly Saint Patrick, and her lawyer husband, James Brown. When their daughter, Erin, falls in love with an activist, tensions arise. A sudden death raises the morality of jailing anti-pipeline protesters. It’s time for judgement and the audience is the jury.

Jennifer Fahrni
Sidney Klips
Linden Banks
Arsham Farasat
"Fahrni is especially impressive... Her acting has a relaxed, naturalistic quality" – VancouverPlays on 'Collected Stories' (2022)
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Genre: Theatre
Duration: 50 mins
Price: $18
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Age Rating: 14+
Warnings: None
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