2 Sleepy RatGuys

YARGH! Join the saltiest sea captain ever on a "30min scenic boat tour"
This queer nautical comedy is like the deranged love child of Robert Eggers' The Lighthouse and Gilligan's Island.
...The spray of sea salt, the creak of the boards, a flash of lightning, and BOOM! Captain Sea MAN has arrived!
This show is a whirlwind of revenge-fueled sea-venture combining outrageous physical comedy with a few dark twists and turns.
Alternately played by two actors, it's a one-man-show by two featuring the saltiest sailor to ever set sail on the several seas. Prepare yourself for a hilarious on-stage scenic boat tour that promises fishing, the ocean breeze ... and SO much more.
seaMAN is a sweet & salty theatrical concoction that is as stupid as it is smart.

"Professionally ridiculous" - The Sappy Critic

"It’s strange. It’s funny. [...] That’s what makes it so good." - Kings River Life Magazine

About the Artists:
2 Sleepy RatGuysis the cross-country collaboration of queer theatre-makers Amica Hunter (they/them) based in Portland, OR, & Bruce Ryan Costella (he/they) from Orlando, FL. The two met while touring separate solo shows on the Fringe theater festival circuit, and formed an instant friendship. With a combined 30 years of experience touring original work on the fringe, and a mutual admiration for each other's work, they decided to team up. Bruce’s skill for nuanced clever text easily melds with Amica’s physical comedy training and bizarre humor to create absurd, campy, dark, and comedic theatrical babies (shows) like nothing you've seen before!
Event Info
Venue: Ballet BC
Genre: Comedy, Silly, Other
Duration: 60 mins
Price: $15
Show Content
Age Rating: 14A
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