Long Live Lexi Bezos

Sophia Saugstad

The year is 2223. Climate change and capitalism have left the world completely destroyed. The human species has finally gone extinct. But one; the rich, extravagant, and oh so hot Lexi Bezos (the great great great great granddaughter of Jeff Bezos himself!), has stood the test of time, living in her parents spaceship among the stars. But now, she must go on a journey of a lifetime to save herself, the Bezos name, and the last bit of life in the universe.

'Long Live Lexi Bezos' is a satirical one-woman show, using comedy, music, voice over, and physicality to explore themes of materialism, greed, and the consequences of a damaged relationship between humans and nature.
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Genre: Theatre
Duration: 30 mins
Price: $15
Show Content
Age Rating: 18+
Warnings: Coarse Language
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