Let’s Talk About Your Death

Allspice Theatre

Would you change the way you lived your life if you knew how you would die? Critically-acclaimed death expert Dr. Elliot Morris dives deep into the truth of the only subject that truly matters. With the help of a prize-winning invention – The Death Machine – Morris will provide each and every person in attendance with their exact personal cause of their future demise. Who knows? Maybe you'll live forever...

Disclaimer: You will not actually live forever. In fact, you very much are going to die. Let's talk about that.
"Fringe plays don't get more inventive, original, courageous, and intelligent" – ★★★★★ Gig City

"Hilariously scripted and charmingly life-affirming!" – ★★★★★ Vue Weekly
Event Info
Genre: Theatre
Duration: 60 mins
Price: $18
Show Content
Age Rating: 14+
Warnings: Coarse Language
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