I am trying to think of some way to make the title shorter because this one is way too long I think we can all agree

Lee Archer

Lee Archer’s solo show 'I Am Trying to Think of Some Way to Make the Title Shorter Because This One is Way Too Long I Think We Can All Agree' is perfect for anyone who would see a show with that title.

And their friends, because usually you have at least one friend who you could text, saying “this sounds interesting — let’s go see this :)” and that first friend would say “OK!” without needing to know every little detail up front. And then more friends might come along too since you and your first friend are going, and then it is already a little group and that is always fun! Lee Archer’s show has been called “Entertaining!” by you, if you have been reading this sentence out loud. Audiences at the 2022 Montreal Fringe called the show “Charming” and “Very Fun”!
'What Did I Just Watch?' Award-winner – Northern California Nugget Fringe Festival (2019)
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Genre: Comedy, Spoken Word
Duration: 60 mins
Price: $15
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Age Rating: All Ages
Warnings: None
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