Halfway Through Stupid

Miss Marie Productions

A coming-of-age cabaret! 'Halfway Through Stupid' is the tale of a young woman finding herself in the glamorous and geriatric world of sugar dating. Told through dance, comedy and music, this daring production sheds light on an intensely criticized, and undervalued industry. From getting ripped off to going to Disneyland; From coming of age to coming out, 'Halfway Through Stupid' is based on accounts from real life sex workers, and follows the journey of one woman as she learns to be an adult while being a sugar baby.
Event Info
Genre: Theatre, Dance
Duration: 45 mins
Price: $15
Show Content
Age Rating: 18+
Warnings: Coarse Language, Sexual Content, Nudity, Challenging Content
Access Tip
The 'Halfway Through Stupid' digital recap includes subtitles for d/Deaf and Hard-of-Hearing audiences


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