B The Wiz & O’ROSE Present A Storytelling Hip-Hop Experience

B The Wiz

Hip-Hop artist B The Wiz uses his storytelling ability to create music with a positive message. The Thunder Bay MC has been working organizing hip-hop shows since 2015. When checking out a B The Wiz performance, you can expect to see smiles, laughter and appreciation from the artist. Conversing with the crowd and feeling the energy in the room, B The Wiz will perform songs that can carry messages and teachings that he has learnt throughout his life. Beginning his journey with street art before creating music, B The Wiz believes it's important to hold reverence for the elements of Hip-Hop.

O'Roses performances are
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Genre: Musical, Story-telling, Other
Duration: 30 mins
Price: $12
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Age Rating: G
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