Arboles (Trees) Outdoors

Jhoely Triana Flamenco

How do we learn from the beautiful trees that surround us and the metaphorical trees that connect us? Featuring live flamenco dance, song and guitar, “Arboles (Trees)” invites the audience into the universal language of emotion. Choreographed by Jhoely Triana, the 30-minute, site-responsive solo performance - set among actual trees - connects with audiences to share themes of hardship, perseverance and determination. Reaching, pushing, gathering, Triana channels the rootedness, strength and renewal of the trees through grounded flamenco footwork and playful unfurling of her signature Bata de Cola skirt. The work creates dialogue about our lived experiences with our community and spreads the seeds of empathy and compassion.
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Genre: Dance
Duration: 30 mins
Price: $12
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Age Rating: G
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