Amica Hunter (they/them)

International Comedian & Weird-Lil’-Gremlin, Amica Hunter (of A Little Bit Off), GETS UNDER YOUR SKIN and CRUSHES YOUR FUNNY BONE in this hilarious, captivating, and sometimes-unsettling-comedy about skeletons, and the horrors of living in a body. ANATOMICA is an intimate, unpredictable exploration of pain, zoology, & collective imagination. Every animal has a skeleton – But which biological structural system is the BEST? With candidness and a comfortably casual tone, Amica reviews the three skeletal systems found in earthly organisms and discusses the limitations of each one. What would it be like to inhabit a body completely alien from our classic human form? A gloriously deranged Ted-Talk by a wanna-be-scientist clown school graduate.

Part stand-up, part storytelling, and part clown, ANATOMICA is an investigation of the inadequacies of different animal body models, and a celebration of the absurdity of being trapped in a body that is limited by pain, fatigue, and ultimately decay. But, you know, make it fun!

“Amica Hunter’s stand-up set disguised as a serious science lesson is like the mutant love child of Laurie Anderson and David Attenborough”
-The Edmonton Journal
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Cincinnati Fringe
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Venue: The NEST
Genre: Comedy
Duration: 65 mins
Price: $25
Show Content
Age Rating: 14+
Warnings: Coarse Language
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