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Fringe Onsite Application for the Vancouver Fringe Festival, September 4-14, 2014

Applications will open on January 9, 2014 at 12:00 p.m. PST. Applications are accepted on a first-come, first-served basis. Spaces are limited to 10.

Onsite Overview

This year Onsite is all about ADAPTATION! Join us for a chance to crack a new form of site-specific theatre-making. Vancouver’s theatre history is full of examples of site specific adaptations from Haunted-House Hamlet to the The Only Animal’s upcoming Waterpark Lord of the Flies. Think of recent hits like Craigslist Cantata, and Sleep No More…then think beyond that into other unexplored theatrical territory. The Only Animal is super-curious about the meeting place of Site + Adaptation, and we want to share the journey with you!

Over the last three years, the Fringe has premiered over 30 site-specific works on Granville Island, in places like the Duck Pond, the PlayGround, Ocean Concrete, the Waterpark, various boats and under the docks (with a scuba puppeteer). Each piece grew out of the site itself—hence the term site-specific. And all of these wildly diverse pieces were created out of the Fringe Onsite program. Sound like something you would like to do?

Fringe Onsite is a six month course that culminates with a production of a site-specific show that you will adapt for the Vancouver Fringe, September 4-14, 2014. Artists in the program will attend 14 three-hour workshops between March and August. There will be 10 companies accepted into the program who will work as a together throughout the workshop period. All throughout the program, mentors will offer valuable feedback and insights into your show and the Fringe will provide logistical support through the festival.

The course is led by Kendra Fanconi, Artistic Director of The Only Animal, playwright of The One that Got Away (the play in a pool) and writer/director of Other Freds (on False Creek), NiX (theatre of snow and ice) as well as a collaborator on dozens of site-specific plays in Vancouver over the last 15 years.  Kendra provides ongoing mentorship over the creation of the new pieces.

This is a course, but the homework is just creating your show. There is no grading, no comparison. The show is 100% in your hands. Our goal is to free you to create a site-specific show that is your own concept and style.

Onsite shows are not eligible for Pick of the Fringe, but are eligible for the Site Specific Theatre Award, which is presented at the annual Awards Night on September 14, 2014.

Here’s some more new information…

-One scholarship provided by an anonymous donor will be awarded to the applicant with the best idea of script+ site for adaption!  This will cover the entire $800 Onsite Artist Fee.

-Onsite workshops will begin in March and run on Monday evenings.

-Applicants must apply with an idea for something that they’d like to adapt for a site-specific theatre piece. This could be a published script, novel, or poem, but it could also be a piece of music. Come with your most innovative idea!

-Applicants must apply with a site idea paired with what you want to adapt

-Sites can be anywhere in the city, pending Fringe staff review and resources.  You should have a realistic expectation that you can gain permission to use the site.  The site must be safe and insurable.

-Onsite artists will be securing their own site with advice from a Fringe Onsite Consultant.  The legwork is all up to you.

Application Process

Fringe Onsite Applications will open on January 9, 2014 at 12:00 p.m. PST. Applications are accepted on a first-come, first-serve basis. There are 10 spots available for the 2014 Fringe. All other applicants will be placed on the waitlist.

To apply you must:
– Be a director.  Another member of your creative team may attend the workshops, but the primary applicant must be the director.  Note: the director cannot act in the show.
– Apply with something you are proposing to adapt and can get the rights for.
– Apply with a site idea.
– Commit to an evening schedule of workshops and rehearsal visits.

For accepted Onsite Applicants, the Fringe provides:
– 14 development workshops with the Fringe & The Only Animal. Instruction will cover everything from direction to adaption.
– One-on-one mentorship with The Only Animal’s Artistic Director, Kendra Fanconi
– A set performance schedule
– Advertising of up to 10 performances in the Festival program guide and festival publicity
– Advance and at-door box office
– Front of house services through volunteer teams (might be limited depending on venue location)
– Access to the local media list and publicity information
– 100% of the regular box office revenue generated by the performing company
– Third party liability insurance

Accepted artists are expected to:
– Submit your application
– Attend all Onsite workshops
– Develop your production starting in March until September of 2014
– Obtain appropriate permissions for the site
– Engage in the process of site-specific theatre making
– Provide your own lighting & sound equipment
– Meet all deadlines set forward by the Fringe
– Promote your show! The Fringe will market the entire Festival, and will help out individual companies as much as possible
– If the Fringe is unable to do so, provide volunteers for Front of House duties (training provided by the Fringe)
– Submit technical information about your show such as running time, venue seating capacity, etc
– Submit a show description and a photo
– Adhere to the festival policies including signage, box office, and FOH procedures

The applicant accepts sole responsibility for all costs related to the production and promotion of their show.

Fee Structure & Withdrawal Deadline
Onsite applicants will be charged the Onsite artist fee of $800 (tax-free!) within one week of receiving application approval. A non-refundable $50 administration fee is included in the Fringe Onsite artist fee.
Accepted artists may withdraw from Onsite until March 10, 2014. Companies that withdraw before or on this date will have their Onsite artist fee refunded (less the $50 administration fee).


Come to our Fringe Info Night on October 21, 7:00pm at Carousel Theatre at 1411 Cartwright Street and stick around for a special Onsite session following the main meeting. Here we will be able to answer all of your questions about Onsite.
If you have any questions about the application process, please contact our Operations Manager at artist@vancouverfringe.com or call 604-257-0350 ext. 106.