November 2018


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Lineup 2018

Once more, Fate or Luck has decided the lineup for the Vancouver Fringe Festival. Scroll down for who you can expect to see on the Mainstage venues at the Fringe in 2018!

Withdrawal Deadline

Accepted companies that withdraw will be refunded (less the $50 administration fee) until the withdrawal deadline of April 4, 2018 at 4:00pm PST. After that date and time no refunds will be issued.

Check out more dates and deadlines, and useful info on the Artist Resources Page

Wait-listed Companies

Wait-listed companies will be contacted in the event that an accepted company withdraws from the Fringe and an equivalent spot comes available, and this page shows the most up-to-date waitlist standings. Bold wait-listed companies are in, and strikethrough companies have withdrawn.

Update at February 15, 2018: There has been no waitlist movement yet this year. In the event any of our confirmed artists withdraw we will pull from the waitlist.


Rob Gee
Paco Erhard
saye theatre
Robbie T
David Lee Morgan


1Jon Bennett
2Zir Productions
3Mochinosha Puppet Co
4The Craziest Project
5Sugar Candy Dynamite
7Conrad Koch
8Tim Motley
9big word performance poetry


Indigenized Indigenous Theatre
MIND MAGIC Productions
Colette Kendall
Wish Experience
Red Bastard
Darkhorse West
Beth McLaughlin
Martin Dockery
Virginia Jack
Squirrel Suit Productions
Keith Brown
Ben Price Magic
PrettyUgly Theatre
Stacey Hallal
The Electronic Gospel
David Rodwin
Valour & Tea
Breaking the Cycle Films
Gossamer Obsessions
blindfool productions
Erroneous Productions
Portal Theatre
edward (sean) leclaire
Gemma Wilcox


1Gangland Productions
2Paul Strickland Presents
3Bobby Watson Theatre Co
4Herculean Effort
5Movin Melvin Brown
6The Fourth Wall
7Theatrically Obsessed
8Drawing Board Productions
9Barbara Selfridge
10Wishes Mystical Puppet Co
11Concrete Drops Theatre
13Jesse Orr
16Stewart Huff
17Cathy Schenkelberg Inc
18Oscillating Productions
20Margin Release
24Old Norse Theatre
26Newman Mentalism
27That’s Enough Drama
28The Bridge Project
29David Kleinberg
30Erika Kate MacDonald
31Maximaliste Productions
32rewrites rewires
33Theatre Free Radical
34Another Country Productions
35Pixel Productions
36DK Reinemer
37Fun Bags
38Pretentious Productions
39Girl Clown
40Convection Productions
41Snowy Owl
42Donna Kay Yarborough
43Blarney Productions
44Longshot Projects
45Sonshine and Broccoli
46Scantily Glad Theatre
47The Great & Powerful Tim
48A Little Bit Off


Anais West and Sara Vickruck
Peachy Keen Productions
Shawn O’Hara
Cory Thibert
Devon More Music
District 13 Presents
Yvette Dudley-Neuman
interdepend dancetheatre
Hawk Mom Productions
DSR Productions
Yellowbelt Productions
My imagination ran away without me
FBS Productions
Direct Theatre Co
Laurel A Trueman
Maniac Productions
Made It Ma Productions
Rapid Pitch Productions
Green Eggs and Ham
James Melcher
Classy Little Bitch
Palabra Flamenco
vancouver puppet theatre
Knight & Daes


1Colleen Brow
3Sonia Productions Inc
4Strange Cat Productions
5Two Dollar Shoes
6Play on Words Prod
7Sabrina Auclair
8Savage CreamPuff
9Julia MacLean
10Andrew Brimstone
11New(to)Town Collective
12Kelly McInnes
13Candy Bones
14Ball of Clay
15TerRen Productions
16Ben Bilodeau Prod
17Holly M Brinkman
18Katrina Bennett
19Spectral Theatre Society
20Ally Baharoon
21One Crazy Frenchman
22Singles Awareness Prod
23Bessie Jean Prod
24Fixed in Post Prod
25BlackJacq Productions
26Nyla Carpentier
27Tight Corset Theatre Co
28Anapanasati Prod
29Quimera Theatre
30Chicken for Supper Prod
31Otherwise Productions
32Phantom Signal
33Pamela Bethel
34New Best Friend
35Goblonius Theatre Society
38Benjamin Houde-Hostland
39Absolute Trash Prod
40Sean Proudlove
42Pirate Queen Prod
43Mad House Prod
44Affair of Honor
45Cabin Fever Collective
46Phlyax Theatre
47Vino Buono
48Rushed Productions
49Spired Theatre
50Quivering Dendrites
51Lizzie Allan
52Carmelahhh Comedy
53U Me & Us Prod
54Skinny Walrus Projects
55John Cullen
56Aaron Alexander Presents
57Husky Guy Prod
58Paper Heart Burlesque
59Somebody Else’s Music Co
60Liger Eye
61Ballistic Artistics
62Allspice Theatre
63Spec Theatre
64great wizard
65Fabulist Theatre
66Punchback Prod
67Rob Teszka Magic
68Wunderdog Theatre
69Nutmeg Creations
70We made this up
71Walking Shadows
72Ryan Gunther
73Classic Chic Prod
74Andrew Bailey
75Lightnin Prod
76Transcendent Scribblings
77The Cascadia Project
78Christina Andreola
79hartofsilver productions
80Ed Hill
81TJ Dawe
82Travis Bernhardt
831001 Steps
84Imagine Flight Theatre
85Cheeseheads Theatre
86Second Year Seagulls
87Joylyn Secunda
88Badmatch Productions
90Instant Theatre
91star star theatre
92Lock and Key Theatre
93The Lady Show
94Make Believe Storyhouse
95Thompson-Bowler & Co.
97Aubrey Productions
98The Crystalline Cabaret
994AM Theatre
100Lucky Fish Productions
101Alarido Producciones
103Ashley Whitehead
104VADA Studios
105Red Square Collective
106Maple Leaf Cookies
107Kalamatea Productions
108Wide Eyed Productions
110Famous Artists
111Candy Apple Grey Prod
112Rusty Can Prod
113Bar S Entertainment
114Thomas Baxter’s ThoughtControl
115I Hate That Collective
116Curious Creations
117Monster Theatre
118Uvula Productions
119Rusalka Productions
120The Wretched Orphans
121Standing Room Only Theatre
122Peter N’ Chris
123Jack of Hearts Productions
124Mary-Jo Dionne Productions
125Lika Productions
126GoodSide Productions
127Farooq & Zee Theatre Company
128Omnika in Motion
129Story Story Productions
1308 Monkeys Productions
131Sarah Charrouf
132Green Room Theatre
134Between Friends Theatre
135Jennifer Pielak
136Bliss House Productions
137Danger Salad
138Switchdef Media
139Beast Coast Productions
140Human Body Project
141The Alchemy of Play
142Jim Sands Presents
143Liesl Lafferty
144JumpStone Entertainment
145Melanie Rose
146Midtwenties Theatre Society
147Sjahari Hollands
148Kamile Kapel
150Life & Depth
151or; theatre
152Two Friends Drinking Wine Sketch Comedy
153Mahogany Productions
154Cheeky Chicken Theatre Co.
155Tragedy + Time Served = Comedy
156Innocence International
157Daniel Doheny
158dream of passion productions
159Spinners Collective