Meet Kevin Campbell

Kevin loves the Fringe, and sees a lot of theatre in Vancouver and around the world!

Fringe Lovers are donors who have made a generous contribution to the Fringe and we can’t thank them enough! They truly show their love and their commitment to the Fringe and Fringe artists, and make the Theatre for Everyone possible. Kevin Campbell is one of those donors, and by funding the Dramatic Works Series through his foundation hen is our top donor four years running! (We call our top donor our One True Love, but seriously, we love all our donors!)

Kevin is a social activist, lover of arts and culture, and Managing Director of Investment Banking for Haywood Securities. He’s been the Fringe’s top donor since he started funding the Fringe Dramatic Works Series through his foundation four years ago. So why is Kevin putting his money where his Fringey heart is? Our board member Claudia Sjoberg sat down with him to find out.

Claudia: Kevin, why are you doing this matching campaign for the Fringe? (Kevin initiated a matching campaign in February 2018)

Kevin: We did this at the Vancouver Film Festival in 2017 and it was very successful. I love the arts and especially the theatre and the Fringe, and I want to encourage others to also do what they can to help. This is a hard city for the arts and artists, much of that hardship is related to affordability and sparse corporate sponsorship. I hope others will support the arts not just by buying a ticket, but by donating as well. We all know that ticket costs can’t begin to cover the costs of an entire Festival.

C: Tell me about your foundation and how it got going?
K: I started the Lochmaddy Foundation in 2006. I started by funding projects in Mali and broadened across West Africa over the years. Today, we give to projects in BC as well, such as the Honour House Society and the Strathcona Boys and Girls Basketball Program.

C: Tell me a bit about yourself. How did a young investment banker from South Delta end up starting his own foundation?
K: I grew up in Tsawwassen and went to UBC where I studied Economics and Political Science. I got into the finance sector and I worked my way up from there. It’s a high adrenaline, fast moving industry and it can be very financially rewarding. But it was very important for me to give back, so I started a charitable foundation.

C: What else do you feel strongly about?
K: I am a big supporter of universal childcare and I’m really excited the BC government have just committed to making this happen. Lochmaddy has funded some research on the subject and I am a member of the Provincial Child Care Council.

C: Why childcare?
K: It makes sense on so many levels, both moral and economic, particularly when one considers the potential for more women in the labour force.

C: What do you do for fun?
K: I travel a lot. I am going to London in a few days and already have two plays lined up to see: a new production from Connor McPherson incorporating Bob Dylan songs, called Girl from the North Country and a production of Eugene O’Neill’s Long Day’s Journey into Night starring Jeremy Irons. Then on to Svalbard!

C: What are some final points you’d like to make to encourage people to donate to the Fringe during this matching campaign?
K: I think audiences should be active participants in the production of the arts beyond simply attending the events. Making a donation, no matter the size, is an excellent way to do this, as is volunteering. With a matching campaign it effectively doubles the impact of giving. The Fringe, and all the local arts, need everyone to buy in and do their part.

Make a donation today and Kevin will match it! Only until Febuary 28, act fast!