Who’s Jimmy?

Since 2008, a balding man with a mighty mustache and an even mightier personality has immersed his trashy chic style into the Vancouver Fringe culture.

As a Fringe lover, I’m sure you’ve at some point pondered the history behind this plane riding, club hopping, party animal. Well let me put an end to your exhausting search for answers. Meet Jimmy (last name unknown), created by the illustrating mastermind Zuzana Juszkiewicz. Jimmy is an anomaly. He lives by his own rules and unless you’ve met this stealthy free spirit, you’ll never quite understand his brilliance. This makes him a perfect fit with the Vancouver Fringe Festival and Zuzanna Juszkiewicz, a creative genius.

In 2009, Jimmy was seen cruising around in his make shift AH-1 Cobra helicopter. He became a regular at the Fringe Bar, showing off his smooth moves while wearing his now infamous beer hat.

In 2010, by way of social media, Jimmy was finally able to gather his friends for a Fringe party of epic proportions. However, inspired by the Festival’s theatre buffet theme, Jimmy began a friendly quest to turn his posse into a decadent cheese fondue.

Due to this crude behaviour, Executive Director, David Jordan was forced to place Jimmy under house arrest, where he would eventually surrender to the Fringe. What’s Jimmy next Fringetastic adventure? The possibilities are endless, one only hopes that he’s wearing pants, preferably not leather.

To learn more about Jimmy, listen to Episode 2 of the 2011 This Fringey Life, which includes an interview with Executive Director David Jordan and Jimmy’s creator, Zuzia Juszkiewicz.